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February 11, 2014

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
February 11, 2014
8 to 9 a.m.
Executive Conference Room Old Court House, Mezzanine Level
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204 


  • Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun
  • Kim Barranco, Baltimore City, CJCC
  • Joe Clocker, DPSCS – Community Supervision
  • Judge Kathleen Cox, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Theresa Cunningham, Department of Social Services
  • Mike Esposito, District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County
  • Celena Falline, Department of Juvenile Services
  • Mathew Fonesca, Department of Juvenile Services
  • Dave Goldman, Bureau of Behavioral Health
  • Alan Hill, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Donna Morrison, Deputy Administrative Officer
  • Marcy Plimack, DPSCS – Community Supervision
  • Deborah Richardson, Department of Corrections
  • Don Schlimm, Local Management Board
  • Scott Shellenberger, Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Timothy Sheridan, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Esteban Soto, CCBC
  • Sharon Tyler, Department of Corrections
  • Judge Alexandra Williams, District Court for Baltimore County
  • Donald Zaremba, Office of the Public Defender

Welcome/Approval of Minutes

Donna Morrison welcomed everyone to the February meeting of the Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Minutes of the October 8, 2013 meeting were presented, and a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adopt the minutes as presented.

Committee Reports and Updates

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

No Report

Offender Employment Network

Sharon Tyler highlighted several items from the committee’s meeting of January 17, 2014 (copy of January 17, 2014 minutes are on file).

Forensic Mental Health Workgroup

Minutes of the January 15, 2014 meeting of the workgroup were provided in the meeting packets and are on file for future reference. Mr. Goldman discussed concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act, the Exchange, and possible obstacles to substance abuse treatment and mental health services due to high deductibles and co-pays.

Juveniles/Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee

Judge Cox reported that Lisa Wykoff is working full-time in the Circuit Court. Tim Sheridan reported that at the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council meeting, a 25 percent cut to DMC programs was announced.

Other Business

Community Supervision – Joe Clocker introduced Marcy Plimack who is a new Special Assistant in his office. Mr. Clocker provided the group with a very informative presentation on the operations and services provided by the Community Supervision Office.

Donna Morrison shared information regarding proposed legislation to stem theft of cell phones and portable electronic devices. This legislation, if passed, will ban Eco-ATM kiosks in Baltimore County.

Scott Shellenberger discussed the new law in Baltimore County which bans synthetic marijuana. This legislation is broader than the State law passed last year. Mr. Hill indicated that BCPS is in the process of updating their rules and policies for next school year, and advised that they added charges for synthetic drugs. Judge Cox added that the challenge is drug testing for the synthetic drugs because you’re not sure what drug to test for – the ingredients constantly change.

Scott Shellenberger provided an update on the Richmond decision. At the present time, there is a stay in the decision until March 7, 2014.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting date is April 8, 2014.

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