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October 8, 2013

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
October 8, 2013
8 to 9 a.m.
Executive Conference Room Old Court House, Mezzanine Level
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204 


  • Kim Barranco, Baltimore City, CJCC
  • Joe Clocker, DPSCS-Community Supervision
  • Judge Kathleen Cox, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Laura Culbertson, Department of Social Services
  • Mike Esposito, District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County
  • Mathew Fonesca, Department of Juvenile Services
  • Dave Goldman, Bureau of Behavioral Health
  • Alan Hill, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Chief James Johnson, Police Department
  • Rob Johnson, Constituent
  • Mary Leslie, Local Management Board
  • Donna Morrison, Deputy Administrative Officer
  • Deborah Richardson, Department of Corrections
  • Scott Shellenberger, Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Timothy Sheridan, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Judge Alexandra Williams, District Court for Baltimore County
  • Donald Zaremba, Office of the Public Defender

Welcome/Approval of Minutes

Deborah Richardson welcomed everyone to the October meeting of the Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Minutes of the June 11, 2013 meeting were presented, and a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adopt the minutes as presented.

Committee Reports and Updates

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Laura Culbertson reported that the 7th Annual Domestic Violence Conference “In Plain Sight” held on September 20, 2013 was well attended with representatives from across the State. The annual report is in process and should be available next month.

Offender Employment Network

No report. The committee will meet again on October 18, 2013.

Forensic Mental Health Workgroup

Minutes of the September 11, 2013 meeting of the workgroup were presented. Mr. Goldman discussed in some detail the case discussion (item number one on the minutes) and advised that this was a very unique case. Mr. Goldman reported that prescription drug drop boxes are now available at all police precincts. The Health Department is conducting a campaign to highlight this program. Chief Johnson indicated that the drop boxes are similar to public mailboxes, and indicated that the Police Department would be responsible for disposing of the materials deposited in same. This is being done with no increase in resources to the Police Department.

Juveniles/Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee

Judge Cox reported that Judge Bailey is the new lead judge/point person on juvenile issues. Judge Cahill is the new lead judge/point person on criminal matters. She further reported that data indicates a decrease in short term detentions for juveniles and that the use of writs for failure to appear for juveniles has dropped significantly. Community mediation demonstrates a 98 percent success rate in reaching a negotiated resolution, and a similar satisfaction rate when they follow up with participants after a six month interval. The community mediation program accepts referrals from area schools, from the Department of Juvenile Services, from the State’s Attorney’s Office, and from the Court. The parameters of the program were outlined recently in an in service meeting for School Resource Officers and for school administrators. Mr. Hill indicated that the school system is using mediation for disruptive behavior in schools. They continue to look for ways to increase use of alternatives and seek increased resources for community mediation.


Judge Williams reported that the District Court is at full complement with 13 judges. They are on track for a new Catonsville building in 2016 to 2017. There was much discussion regarding the Richmond 2 decision which requires representation by a Public Defender at the Commissioner level. This decision affects many government agencies and meetings will be held to formulate a plan of action.

Chief Johnson reported that crime stats for the first six months of 2013 show an overall reduction in crime by four percent on the five year average. Homicides to date are 17, compared to 21 last year. The department is making significant progress in domestic violence cases; aggravated assaults are down steadily.

It was reported that the Department of Juvenile Services is moving to a new location in Hunt Valley. They are looking for a new resource site in the Towson area for visits with children and parents.

Chief Johnson requested that at the December meeting the Council discuss long-term goals. He asked members to consider projects or issues they would like to tackle. Thoughts to consider – Are you satisfied with how things are going? Are the meetings a good use of your time? What are you gaining from this? If not, how could we expand it? Are the committees relevant? Are there other pending issues we should be focusing on?

Mr. Sheridan shared that Judge Cox is the new Administrative Judge for the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. Everyone extended their congratulations to Judge Cox on this promotion.

Mr. Hill advised that the schools are utilizing school psychologists and social workers to file emergency petitions to for students. Previously they were seeking the assistance of the Mobile Crisis Team. Chief Johnson reported that the County is expanding the Mobile Crisis Team to address workplace violence and shooting instances. The team is comprised of a police officer and a clinician who work together to de-escalate situations without the use of emergency petitions.

Mr. Clocker advised that Community Service agents and police will be teaming up on Halloween to conduct home visits to child sex offenders. He further reported that their offices are moving from Towson to Dolfield Road (Owings Mills), and that they will continue to have an intake office in Towson.

Ms. Richardson reported that the video arraignments are going well. They are seeking a new jail management system because the current system is unable to integrate with the police systems. Detention Center population is increasing, however, women and juvenile detainees are down.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting date is December 10, 2013.

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