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February 13, 2013

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
8 to 9 a.m.
Executive Conference Room Historic Court House, Mezzanine Level
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204


  • Kim Barranco, Baltimore City, CJCC
  • Joe Clocker, DPSCS – Community Supervision
  • Judge Kathleen Cox, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Laura Culbertson, Department of Social Services
  • Mike Esposito, District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County
  • Dave Goldman, Bureau of Behavioral Health
  • Alan Hill, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Cass Jorgensen, Department of Aging
  • Jim McClafferty, Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
  • Donna Morrison, Deputy Administrative
  • Officer Jim O’Neill, Department of Corrections
  • Scott Shellenberger, Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Timothy Sheridan, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Sharon Tyler, Department of Corrections
  • Judge Alexandra Williams, District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County
  • Donald Zaremba, Office of the Public Defender

Welcome-Approval of Minutes

Mr. O’Neill welcomed everyone to the February meeting of the Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Minutes of the December 11, 2012 meeting were presented and a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adopt the minutes as presented.

Committee Reports and Updates

Forensic Mental Health Workgroup

Minutes of the workgroup’s meeting of January 16, 2013 were provided in the meeting packets. Reference was made to a letter dated January 15, 2013 from the Department of Health and Human Services which clarified the HIPPA Privacy Rule (copy included in meeting packets). Dave Goldman spoke briefly about bills before the legislature dealing with synthetic marijuana.

Juveniles/Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee

Judge Cox referenced her written report, highlighting the issue of Safety Planning for youth who are victims of or witnesses to shootings, and who are under the supervision of DJS in Baltimore County. Information was also shared regarding educational options that are available through Baltimore County Public Schools. Efforts will be made to increase awareness of these programs, possibly through a Webinar. Mr. Hill noted that all students seen for disciplinary action are assigned to a program.

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Laura Culbertson advised that Marci Van de Mark has retired and that she will be representing the Council at this meeting. Ms. Culbertson reported that the Fatality Review Team Report is almost complete, and that they are planning a conference for September 20, 2013 (more details to follow).

Offender Employment Network

Nothing to report.

Other Business

The floor was opened for general discussion on upcoming legislative issues.

  • Mr. Shellenberger discussed the DNA arrestee statute which expires in December of 2013. He stated that hearings are being held to continue the database. The Court of Appeals has declared this practice unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will hear the case in two weeks. We have received very successful results from this program.
  • Mr. O’Neill advised that there is a bill to not allow commissions on telephone calls made from the detention center. The commissions are what pays for the phone system.
  • There was much discussion regarding proposed gun legislation dealing with the mentally ill.

Mr. Hill shared a copy of the first edition of the Baltimore County Public Schools newsletter called “The Guardian.” This will be an electronic newsletter published by the Department of School Safety and Security, and it can be viewed on the schools website, Mr. Hill noted that over 400 teachers are injured each year intervening with student issues. It was also noted that a tactical assessment was conducted at each school building and these findings will be published. Mr. Shellenberger expressed concerns regarding publishing the report – basically you’re telling people where our weaknesses are – he suggested waiting until after the items are fixed.

Ms. Barranco reported that 500 citations were issued in January. The program appears to be going smoothly.

Donna Morrison recognized Jim O’Neill on his upcoming retirement from Baltimore County, and the Council joined her in congratulating Mr. O’Neill for his 13 years of service to Baltimore County, and 38 years in the Corrections field. He will be missed by all! It was further reported that County Executive Kamenetz will be submitting to the Council Deborah Richardson, current Deputy Director of Corrections, as Mr. O’Neill’s replacement. Mr. O’Neill commented that Ms. Richardson brings a great wealth of experience to the position, 22 years with the State, and 11 years with Baltimore County. He feels she will do an excellent job.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting date is April 9, 2013.

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