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Executive Order

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Whereas, ensuring public safety and improving the quality of life for all citizens of Baltimore County is a central priority of this Administration; and

Whereas, Baltimore County's effective criminal justice system enhances public safety and quality of life by enforcing laws, deterring crime, addressing the underlying causes of crime, improving the quality of justice, supporting victims, and fostering community support and public confidence in the criminal justice system; and

Whereas, the Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council continues to strengthen the local criminal justice system with a cooperative approach to defining needs, assessing the adequacy of existing programs, developing new strategies, and seeking resources and collaborations to implement those strategies.

Now, Therefore, it is this 24th day of January, 2005, by the County Executive of Baltimore County, Maryland, ordered that the 2003 Executive Order establishing the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is hereby repealed and the Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) shall be created and charged as follows:

Section I:  Membership; appointment; terms of office; officers; compensation of members.

A. Membership.

1. Membership. The Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council shall consist of nineteen 19 voting members who are members due to the positions they hold, plus one voting member appointed by the County Executive.

These nineteen 19 members shall serve on the Council for as long as they occupy their positions:

  • Administrative Judge, District Court for Baltimore County
  • Chief, Baltimore County Police Department
  • Baltimore County Sheriff
  • State's Attorney for Baltimore County
  • Court Administrator, Circuit Court for Baltimore County
  • Administrative Clerk, District Court for Baltimore County
  • Public Defender for Baltimore County
  • Health Officer, Department of Health
  • Director, Department of Social Services
  • Superintendent, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Director, Local Management Board
  • Director, Office of Community Conservation
  • Director, Bureau of Substance Abuse
  • Director, Bureau of Mental Health
  • Director, Department of Corrections
  • Area Director, Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
  • Director, Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
  • Criminal Justice Coordinator for Baltimore County

2. The Council shall include one voting member appointed by the County Executive who is a member of the Maryland Bar Association practicing criminal defense law in Baltimore County.

B. Terms.

1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection B.4. of this section, the term of a member appointed under subsection A.2. of this section is two years.

2. All other members of the Council shall serve so long as they hold the office or designation stipulated in this Executive Order.

3. Members of the Council shall receive no salaries but shall be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties in accordance with appropriations approved by the County Council.

4. All members of the Council appointed by the County Executive shall serve at the pleasure of the County Executive.

5. At the end of a term, a member continues to serve until a successor is appointed and qualifies.

C. Chair.

The Chair of the Council shall be the Criminal Justice Coordinator.

Section II: Meetings; quorums.

A. Meetings.

The Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council shall meet at the request of the Chair as frequently as required to perform its duties, but not less than once every two months.

B. Quorum.

A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and an affirmative vote of the majority of those present at any meeting shall be sufficient for any official action.

Section III:  Duties and Responsibilities.

The Baltimore County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council shall perform the following duties:

  • Study the Baltimore County juvenile and criminal justice systems, identify deficiencies, and formulate policy, plans and programs for improvement;
  • Communicate and present planning, financial, operational, managerial and programmatic recommendations to the agencies represented on the Council;
  • Provide the coordinated leadership necessary to establish cohesive criminal justice strategies, policies and programs; and
  • Collaborate to maximize resources and raise funds to support criminal justice programs.

Section IV:  Staff Assistance.

Staff assistance shall be provided by the Department of Corrections and the Baltimore County Executive Office.

This Order shall take effect on the day it is signed by the County Executive and shall continue in effect until changed by another Executive Order.

Revised April 6, 2016         



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