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Proclamations Schedule

The County Executive has declared the following proclamations—dedicating certain days, weeks or months—to bring recognition and awareness to certain causes, events or individuals of great importance.


National Mentoring Month
Celebration of mentorship programs and their importance to the education and stability of our youth.


National Wear Red Day
Recognition of the fight against heart disease and the need to spread awareness around the issue. 

February 1

World Wetlands Day
Celebration of our local wetlands and their importance to the environment around us. 

February 2

Certified Government Financial Manager Month
Celebration of the Baltimore Association of Government Accountants chapter members' professionalism and service to Baltimore County.


Procurement Month
Recognition of the purchasing professionalism required for Baltimore County through the Public Purchasing Association.


Social Work Month
Recognition of local social workers and their large impact in our community. 


World Wildlife Day
Celebration of the local wildlife and their importance to the environment around us. 

March 3

Solar Appreciation Day
Recognition in the importance of solar power and what it does to help environmental causes in our community. 

March 8

International Day of Forests
Celebration of Baltimore County's forests and the continued push to increase and maintain them. 

March 21

Earth Month
Celebration of nature and a renewed call to protect it from all kinds of harm. 


National Arab American Heritage Month
Recognition of local Arab Americans and their contribution to our history and present day in Baltimore County.


National Environmental Education Week
Celebration of the environment to raise awareness of environmental causes in our community. 

April 22 to 26

National Volunteer Week
Celebration and encouragement to volunteer to local causes that support and grow our community. 

April 22 to 27

Arbor Day
The 147th anniversary of the tree-planting holiday that encourages everyone to plant trees to help grow local forests. 

April 26

National Foster Care Month
Celebration of the care foster parents give and their importance in the community.


Older Americans Month
Celebration of Baltimore County's elderly community and their contribution to all around them. 


Children's Mental Health Awareness Week
Recognition of mental health problems in our youth community and the need to spread education and awareness.

May 5 to 11

National Nurses Week
Celebration of our local nurses and their dedicated service to all who need them.

May 6 to 12

Police Memorial Day
Remembrance of our local fallen police soldiers slain in the line of duty. 

May 10

TABCO Teachers Day
Celebration of our local teachers association and their dedication to education.

May 10

World Falun Dafa Day
Recognition of the peaceful and moral teachings of Falun Gong and its impact on millions, including those in our community. 

May 13

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated Delta Lambda Chapter Day
The 100th anniversary celebration of the fraternity and its support of young, African American men.

May 19

Poppy Day
Remembrance of fallen soldiers throughout our nation's conflicts. 

May 24

Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Day
The 65th anniversary of the Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association, which continually aids those in their community. 

May 25

29th Division Day
Recognition of the local 29th infantry division and its importance in our nation's military.

June 6

Gun Violence Awareness Day
Awareness of deadly incidents in our community.

June 7

Katipinan Philippine Festival Day
Celebration of the local Phillipine community and promotion of its culture.

June 8

Protect Older Americans from Financial Exploitation Week
Recognition of the problems facing elder exploitation, and the need to spread awareness and education.

June 10 to 15

Patapsco Council #1960 Knights of Columbus Day
The 100th anniversary celebration of the council's dedication to helping those in need.  

June 19

Mark R. Waddell Day
Recognition of Mark's 40 years of service to Catonsville United Methodist and all those around him. 

June 29

U.S. International Kuo Shu Week
Celebration of Kuo Shu, its impact and those that are involved in helping spread good moral values in our community.

July 22 to 28

Constitution Week 
Celebration of our country's constitution and the freedoms it gives us every day.

September 17 to 23

Revised July 16, 2019         



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