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Ethics Commission Overview


The Baltimore County Code, 2015 provides:

(a) Findings and declaration. The County Council, in recognition that representative government is dependent in part on the people maintaining the highest trust in their public officials, finds and declares that the people have a right to be assured that the impartiality and independent judgment of public officials will be maintained.

(b) Public confidence and trust. It is evident that public confidence and trust is eroded when the conduct of county business is subject to improper influence or when there is the appearance of improper influence.

(c) Statement of purpose. For the purpose of guarding against improper influence, the County Council enacts [Article 7, Title 1 of the Baltimore County Code, 2015] to:

(1) Require public officials to disclose their financial affairs; and

(2) Set minimum standards for the conduct of business by public officials.

(d) Construction. It is the intention of the County Council that [Article 7, Title 1 of the Baltimore County Code, 2015], except for its provisions regarding criminal sanctions, be liberally construed to accomplish the purpose of guarding against improper influence.

 § 7-1-102, Baltimore County Code, 2015

Revised July 3, 2017         


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