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Put Litter in Its Place

Litter Doesn't Stop Where It Drops

A crab that is also made up of trash like, a glass bottle, an old spoon and a cigarette butt. Also features the text "litter doesn't stop where it drops, put litter in its place"

The County launched an anti-litter campaign this April. Look out for campaigns on County buses, trash cans and other locations. Our campaigns illustrate how litter can hit the ground and be carried by wind or rain down the nearest storm drain and into streams, where it then pollutes local waterways and the Bay.

Litter can contain bacteria and toxins that are harmful to people and wildlife, and can contaminate the food we eat. Help keep our community clean and healthy by "putting litter in its place"—a recycling bin or trash can!

Adopt-a-Road Program

Join the County's Adopt-a-Road program to show your community how much your group cares about a Clean Green Baltimore County.

Eligible adopters include civic and non-profit organizations, school groups, commercial and private enterprises, families and individuals. For more information, call the Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560.

Join the Clean Green 15: Litter Challenge

The Clean Green 15 logo.Help your favorite Baltimore County public school win an environmental project grant by submitting your cleanup (large or small) as part of the challenge.

More Information

Learn more by emailing or by calling the EPS Watershed Management group at 410-887-5683.

Revised July 16, 2019         


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