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Stormwater Operations

Stormwater Operations
Phone: 410-887-3768
Fax: 410-887-4804

Stormwater management facilities are inspected by County staff at least once every three years. As a result of these inspections, any maintenance required for proper function and safety is scheduled. The vegetation around and in these facilities is maintained to ensure proper function. Fences are repaired as necessary to ensure the security of fenced facilities. These facilities are considered natural areas and vegetation is left as such.

Photograph of man cutting the vegetation around a pond fence.

Stormwater management facilities collect the stormwater runoff from all of the drainage area for the communities that they service. Their primary function is to provide water quality management to lessen the impact of runoff that enters the downstream stream system during and immediately after a storm event. County facilities are allowed to naturalize in order to provide water quality for the first inch of rainfall, which is most likely to be carrying pollutants washed from the impervious surfaces within the community.

Program Highlights

The Capital Program and Operations:

  • Maintains and inspects all public stormwater management facilities
  • Inspection and maintains over 900 publicly owned stormwater management facilities

Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance and Inspection

Stormwater Operations routinely inspects and maintains all County-owned stormwater management facilities.

Derelict Boat Program

Stormwater Operations can assist with removal of abandoned and derelict boats from Baltimore County’s waterways if ownership cannot be established. Boats that have a known owner must be removed at the owner’s expense.

Clean Shores Program

Stormwater Operations removes navigation debris from Baltimore County’s waterways and shorelines for safe boating.

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