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Solar Projects

Baltimore County has committed to increasing its use of renewable energy resources as part of its Renewable Energy Policy.

Purchasing Renewable Energy

Baltimore County is required to meet Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) each year. Renewable energy purchases are made as part of the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee’s (BRCPC) Energy Board. The Energy Board works with an energy consultant to manage the energy purchases for electric and natural gas portfolios and to purchases RECs in accordance with RPS requirements. The amount of RECs purchased through BRCPC do not contribute towards the 20 percent renewable energy generation goal. However, the County intends to continue to participate in BRCPC and purchase RECs according to state RPS requirements.

Renewable Energy Action Strategies

While the County intends to exceed its 20 percent renewable energy goal and continue to purchase RECs through the BRCPC Energy Board, the following strategies have been identified to continue to support future renewable energy projects.

  • Identify County-owned properties with the potential for renewable energy generation as market conditions become favorable. Eligible properties should include open or vacant spaces, existing buildings, parking garages, and parking lots.
  • When applicable, require contractors to include a cost-benefit analysis for appropriate renewable energy technologies during the pre-design or design phases for new construction projects or major capital renovations. For buildings pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, encourage the use of renewable energy to achieve additional LEED points.
  • Evaluate County buildings scheduled for roof replacements to determine if solar would be a viable option at the time of replacement.
  • Identify opportunities to utilize solar photovoltaic technology and energy storage for backup power generation.
Revised January 29, 2019         


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