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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Sustainability Resources For Residents and Businesses

Energy and Solar Resources

If you are interested in solar for your home or business, use the Consumer Affairs Solar Energy Guide to learn about financing mechanisms, to compare solar companies and more.

Descriptions of federal, state and local government clean energy incentives are available through the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency Incentive. This public clearinghouse also lists clean energy policies and incentives across the United States.

Find information on state government energy programs, policy, projects and energy saving strategies through the Maryland Energy Administration.

Purchase Green and Renewable Power in Maryland

Residents, businesses and other organizations in Maryland can select a "green" electricity energy supplier. Green energy suppliers can provide renewable energy to the grid and your utility delivers the electricity to your home or business. The green energy suppliers are licensed by state and federal agencies. The local utility does not profit from the energy. Instead they profit from the delivery and service of electricity, which would remain the same.

The Department of Energy has additional information about purchasing green power in Maryland.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans for Commercial Properties

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans are available for energy efficient and renewable energy projects for commercial, industrial, agricultural, hospitality, retail and multifamily properties. Loans are provided by private lenders and repaid as a long-term surcharge on the real property tax bill. The surcharge stays with the property upon change in ownership, not with the individual owner. This allows developers and landowners to sell the property without carrying the loan. Any unpaid surcharge becomes a senior tax lien on the property until paid. This long-term repayment stretches out payments and makes them smaller, allowing more advanced energy projects to be sought.

The County participates in the statewide MD-PACE program, administered by PACE Financial Servicing. Commercial property owners, contractors and lenders may visit the MD-PACE website or call the Maryland Clean Energy Center at 443-949-8505.

Save Energy Through Your Utility Company

Maryland's utility companies offer programs to help reduce energy use in your home or business. Programs include energy audits and rebates for energy upgrades such as lighting, air sealing, insulation and water heaters. Find out more through the Maryland Energy Administration's EmPOWER Maryland website.

Property Tax Credits for High Performance Homes and Energy Conservation Devices

Property tax credits are available for high performance homes and for solar and geothermal energy devices. Details are available through the Office of Budget and Finance's High Performance Homes Tax Credit web page and Energy Conservation Devices Tax Credit web page.

Maryland Green Registry

The Green Registry is a free, voluntary program managed by the Maryland Department of the Environment, which showcases sustainability efforts being made by local governments and businesses. The Green Registry offers resources to help organizations and businesses meet sustainability goals. Add your business to the Maryland Green Registry today.

Maryland Green Travel

Maryland Green Travel is a voluntary, self-certification program that recognizes tourism businesses committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. The program works with the Maryland Green Registry and helps businesses evaluate procedures, set goals and take sustainability actions. More information is available through Visit Maryland.

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Environmental Reporter

Use the Environmental Reporter Web Application to help the County track private tree plantings, private rain barrel installations and midges.

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