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Alerts and Advisories

Bird River Maintenance Dredging Project 18-WL-0652

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability has submitted an application to the Maryland Department of the Environment Tidal Wetland Division to dredge Bird River and 49 spur channels. View the proposed work plans (PDF). If you have any questions or comments, please call the Tidal Wetland Division at 410-537-3622.

Air Quality

Clean Air Partners, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) provides real-time air-quality information and forecasting for the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region.


The MDE closely monitors drought conditions throughout the state. The current status on drought conditions are provided by MDE. Water use restrictions are in effect only when a drought emergency has been officially declared.

Water Quality

The Baltimore County Health Department routinely monitors recreational waters and beach areas for water quality. If elevated or unsafe levels of bacteria are detected, water contact alerts and advisories and public beach closures will be issued for affected areas.

Revised November 5, 2018         


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