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Evacuate or Shelter in Place?

In a serious emergency, emergency responders will advise you to do one of two things:

  • Evacuate
  • Shelter in place

Shelter in place simply means, "Stay home." In situations involving a hazardous materials release, you may be asked literally to "seal" your home.

Your natural instinct may be to flee in an emergency. But emergency planners in our region say they are more likely to recommend sheltering in place—staying home—than evacuating because that is the appropriate response for the kinds of disasters most likely to happen here.

Evacuation Routes

Baltimore County does not have established evacuation routes. Precise evacuation routes will depend on the nature and location of the emergency.

Monitor TV and radio news for instructions from local authorities; keep a battery-powered radio in your home or business so you can receive instructions during a power outage. Prepare an evacuation plan.

Emergency preparedness starts at home. Ready? Set? Good.


Revised September 20, 2019         


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