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Emergency Plans

Baltimore County maintains a high level of readiness to respond to natural and manmade disasters, as well as hazards that might pose a threat. The Emergency Operations Plan and Hazard Mitigation Plan Update describe the management and coordinated responses to such disasters and hazards.

Emergency Operations Plan

Baltimore County follows an Emergency Operations Plan (PDF) in times of crisis, including natural disasters and severe weather emergencies.

The plan defines the roles and responsibilities of Baltimore County Government, private and volunteer organizations, state and federal agencies within the County.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Baltimore County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (PDF) profiles possible hazards that have a potential to be a threat to Baltimore County. The Update includes explanations on the factors that create risk for each hazard and a history of major hazard events within the county.

To submit comments or suggestions on the plan content, please send them to

Emergency Preparedness

Find more information on how to prepare for an emergency.

Emergency preparedness starts with you. Ready? Set? Good.

Revised August 24, 2016         


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