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Economic Development Statistics

Baltimore County is located in the north-central part of Maryland, and with a 2017 population of 832,468, it is the third-most populous county in Maryland. The County remains the top job center in the region and the second largest job center in the state.





over 500

Businesses Employ over 100 workers


The economy is diverse, vibrant and growing due to the region’s high quality of life and educated and skilled workforce.

Local Priority Industries

Nine industry clusters drive Baltimore County’s economic and employment growth. These diverse industries represent the highest concentrations of employment in the County and are the focus of the County’s economic development efforts. These nine core industries generated 87 percent of the County’s employment in 2017.

Baltimore County’s Key Industry Clusters

  1. Trade, Transportation and Utilities
  2. Education and Health Services*
  3. Information Technology Services
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Construction
  6. Financial Services
  7. Professional and Business Services
  8. Federal, State and Local Government

*Maryland's Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) combines Education and Health Services as one industry. However, Baltimore County DEWD counts Education and Healthcare as separate industries.

2017 Employment by Key Industry

The table below displays the annual average employment by key industry as compared to total Baltimore County employment for 2017.


2017 Employment

Total Baltimore County Employment


Total Baltimore County Key Industry Clusters Employment


Percentage of Total County Employment


Trade, Transportation and Utilities


Education and Health Services


Information Technology Services






Financial Services


Professional and Business Services


Federal, State and Local Government


Source: Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation QCEW—2017 Annual Employment.

Employment and Unemployment

  • Baltimore County’s unemployment rate declined by nearly 50 percent since May 2010.
    • Starting at 8.0 percent in May 2010, the unemployment rate decreased to 4.0 percent by May 2017.
  • Based on Maryland’s QCEW, Baltimore County employed 374,646 people in 2017, and since 2010, Baltimore County has added 13,217 net new jobs to its employment base—a nearly four percent increase over seven years.
  • The County is projected to continue to experience positive employment growth, with employment projected to increase by 13,000 jobs by 2024. (Source: Jacob France Institute.)

Disclaimer of Data Accuracy

Data shown are based on current County, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), State and national datasets. If you have any questions related to the data presented, we encourage you to e-mail

Revised August 6, 2018         


Department of Economic and Workforce Development

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