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A variety of manufacturing companies in Maryland.

A diversity of manufacturers call the County home and have helped sustain the industry throughout economic uncertainty for decades. Technological innovations and direct proximity to a world class multimodal logistics hub are projected to significantly spur the steady recovery and growth of this critical industry in the County and throughout the region.

Impact Overview


JobsAssociated Worker IncomeEmployers


53,381$4 billionOver 1,700


103,592$7.6 billionOver 3,800

County Manufacturing Industry

Baltimore County accounts for 14 percent of Maryland’s manufacturing jobs—with employers benefiting from a strategic location, integrated supply chain with distribution networks and a skilled and agile workforce.

14 percent of Maryland's manufacturing jobs.
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    More than 14,114 manufacturing workers

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    More than 500 manufacturing employers

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    Generates $940 million in worker income

Employment Highlights

More than 500 Employees

Baltimore County is home to 36 percent of the Baltimore region’s top 25 manufacturers as ranked by Baltimore area employers.

  • McCormick and Company, Inc.
  • BD Life Sciences Diagnostic Systems
  • Stanley Black & Decker Global Tools and Storage Headquarters, Inc.
  • Textron Systems
  • GE Middle River Aircraft Systems
  • Coty (Formerly Procter and Gamble)
  • Marquip Ward United
  • Saft America, Inc.
  • Zentech Manufacturing, Inc.

From 100 to 499 Employees

Mid-sized manufacturers are vital to the industry’s local supply chain, fabricating quality components, parts and packaging required for larger scale production jobs.

  • Danfoss Automatic Controls, Inc.
  • Gamse Lithographing Company
  • Green Bay Packaging, Inc.
  • US Filter—Pall Corporation

Less Than 100 Employees

Baltimore County has technical assistance resources and local incubators that help establish and grow small business ventures.

  • Bakery Express Warehouse
  • Control Cable, Inc.
  • MS Willett, Inc.
  • Mann-Pak, Inc.
  • Maryland Metals Processing, Inc.
  • Vac-Pac, Inc.
  • Ruxton Chocolates

Learn More

For a detailed analysis of employment in the manufacturing industry, view the Job Connector Toolkit.

Revised January 25, 2019               


Department of Economic and Workforce Development