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Education Overview

Baltimore County is one of the most educated communities in the United States. Our universities and secondary schools consistently achieve, providing the County with a well-educated home-grown workforce. The County is also home to research tech centers and incubators that support business growth and provide workforce training opportunities.

Fast Facts

  • 90.6 percent of County residents over the age of 25 have a high school diploma or higher.
  • 36.6 percent of County residents over the age of 25 hold Bachelor's degrees or higher. The national average is 29.8 percent.
  • The Baltimore metropolitan area is home to 25 major colleges and universities, educating more than 160,000 students each year
  • The County is home to five major colleges and universities, enrolling an estimated 63,470 students in fall 2016. 
  • Baltimore County offers 159 public schools—107 elementary, 28 middle and 24 high schools, enrolling 112,139 as of February 2017. There are also 220 private schools in Baltimore County.

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Revised February 13, 2018         


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