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The Job Connector Toolkit

Job Connector Toolkit
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The Job Connector Toolkit (PDF) uses a data-informed approach to align anticipated business needs and economic development strategies with the local workforce and education systems to expand the technical and professional skills of our local workforce. The Toolkit provides an overview of the economic impact that Baltimore County’s targeted industries have on the region, along with “at-a-glance” reference sheets highlighting key occupational data for each:

  • Industry Overview—Key economic and labor market data on the local, regional and state levels
  • Occupational Overview—A look at career clusters within each industry and summaries of in-demand occupations
  • Spotlight Jobs—Featured middle-skill jobs with projected high growth
  • In-Demand Occupations—A detailed list of employment and wage data for leading entry and middle-skill occupations within the industry


The Toolkit serves to guide the County’s workforce system with a framework and resources to develop and sustain effective career pathways, systems and programs, and is designed to:

  • Help prepare today’s workforce for the needs of growing and newly emerging industries
  • Provide area businesses with updated economic and labor market information
  • Educate workforce development professionals and job seekers about high-growth industries with projected demand for skilled workers, as well as the skills and credentials in the highest demand with employers

Key Occupational Data by Industry

Read more about the economic impact that Baltimore County’s industries have on the region and key occupational data for each by selecting the below PDFs:

Using the Job Connector Toolkit

Baltimore County has projected growth across its industries, but jobs have changed and there is greater employer demand for advanced professional skills and technical credentials. The Toolkit helps align anticipated business needs with the local workforce and education systems to build a skilled talent pipeline.

Job Seekers and Students

Job seekers need to keep their skills and credentials up-to-date to meet the demands of today’s employers. It's equally important to understand local economic trends when researching opportunities that fit one’s career goals. Individuals at any career phase can use the Toolkit to identify how to translate their education, knowledge and expertise into in-demand occupations in the County.

  • Maryland Workforce Exchange
    A job search and career development tool featuring a database of thousands of local and regional job listings.
  • Major Employer Lists
    Baltimore County, Maryland and Maryland State Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.
  • Career Development Workshops
    Visit any one of our three Career Centers to attend a no-cost Professional Development Workshop. 

Workforce Professionals

Workforce and education professionals can use these resources to better assist students, adult learners, job seekers, and people in career transition in making informed decisions about their employment and training goals. This data, when aligned with comprehensive counseling, can give job seekers a competitive advantage and help them learn how to maximize their earning potential over the course of a career.


Identifying and closing skill gaps in the workforce means businesses can be more productive and competitive. Employers can use the data to understand current trends and the economic impact of the County’s business communities when considering starting, expanding or maintaining a business in the County.
Revised April 5, 2019               


Department of Economic and Workforce Development