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Inmate Releases

Inmates may be released from the Detention Center in several different ways.

  1. Time Served 
    An inmate’s sentence has expired and he/she has no outstanding charges or detainers.
  2. Court Release 
    While at court, an inmate is released by order of the judge.
  3. Bail Release 
    An inmate who has a bail or fine with no other outstanding charges, warrants, sentences, or detainers may have someone pay the bail and be released.
  4. Other Agencies 
    An inmate is released to another agency that has lodged a detainer, charge, or warrant for that inmate.
  5. DOC 
    An inmate has been sentenced to the Maryland Division of Correction and is awaiting transfer there.

Inmates are released after all legal documentation has been checked and verified. 

Most inmates are afforded an opportunity to place a local phone call before leaving the Detention Center to arrange transportation home. Inmates may also be provided a local bus token if they cannot pay for transportation. Inmates being sent to another agency will not receive a phone call before they leave due to security reasons.

Revised October 4, 2012

Revised April 6, 2016         


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