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Commissary Services

Clothing, Food and Hygiene Items

Commissary is a service in which inmates can purchase clothing, food, and personal hygiene products with the funds they have in their inmate accounts. Commissary orders are collected by the Housing Unit Officers the evening before the delivery date on the posted schedule in the housing unit. New inmates can submit a one time only emergency order within the first five days of admission to the facility. Emergency orders will be delivered on the next available food and hygiene commissary day.

As an alternative to depositing funds for commissary into an inmate's account, family and friends may choose to place online orders of selected packages through the iCare website. Orders processed will be delivered to the inmate according to their regularly scheduled commissary delivery date.                      

Commissary purchases may not exceed $75 in a given week. All items available for purchase are subject to limitations imposed by the escrow vendor. Orders received from inmates with insufficient funds will not be processed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I heard that commissary is rather expensive. Can I bring an inmate food, hygiene products, and clothes instead?

A. The public is not permitted to bring food or hygiene products to inmates. Additionally, the public is not permitted to bring non-work release inmates clothing. Inmates wear uniforms issued by the facility. Any clothing items permitted must be purchased from the commissary vendor.

Q. Why would an inmate not receive commissary that he/she ordered?

A. The most common reasons why inmates would not receive their commissary orders are:

  • They did not sign the commissary order form.
  • They put the wrong inmate identification number on the order form.
  • They have insufficient funds in their account.
  • They received a disciplinary infraction before the commissary could be issued to them.

Q. My son told me that he ordered commissary but didn’t get everything that he ordered. How can this issue be resolved?

A. Inmates must check to see that they have received all ordered items in the presence of the issuing officer at the time of delivery. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately. Inmates will sign a form acknowledging receipt of their order. The Department of Corrections is not responsible for lost or stolen items after the inmate acknowledges receipt. Any commissary discrepancies must be submitted by the inmate on an Inmate Request Form for review and investigation.

Revised November 16, 2016         


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