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Baltimore County Department of Corrections

720 Bosley Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-512-3200

Submit a form with any questions for the Department of Corrections.

Administration Office
Deborah J. Richardson, Director
Gail Watts, Deputy Director
Patricia Alderman, Program Manager
Tanya Smith, Mental Health Coordinator
Phone: 410-512-3400
Fax: 410-512-3406

Alternative Sentencing (Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime and Community Service)          
Phone: 410-512-3343
Fax: 410-512-3359

Applicant Unit
Phone: 410-512-3416
Fax: 410-512-3421

Chaplain's Office
Phone: 410-512-3380

Classification and Pre-trial Services
Nicole Ebb, Supervisor
Phone: 410-512-3241
Fax: 410-512-3249

Community Corrections Office
Home Detention Unit – 410-512-3429
Work Release Unit – 410-512-3340
Fax: 410-512-3342

Criminal Records Unit
Randy Mentzell, Manager
Phone: 410-512-3422
Fax: 410-512-3424

Financial Operations Office
Thomas G. Fitzgerald, Manager

  • Main Office                      
    Phone: 410-512-3411
    Fax: 410-512-3406
  • Payroll Unit
    Phone: 410-512-3413
    Fax: 410-512-3406
  • Inmate Accounts Unit
    Phone: 410-512-3414
    Fax: 410-512-3415

Health Services Liaison
Phone: 410-512-3310
Fax: 410-823-0088

Volunteer Services
Onotseimie (Sonia) Idaewor, Volunteer Coordinator   
Phone: 410-512-3283                                                     

Revised August 9, 2017         


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