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Commercial Agriculture and Horticulture

Baltimore County has 781 farms with over 75,000 acres dedicated to plant and animal production. Primary products include horses, corn, soybeans, hay, fresh vegetables, nursery plants and greenhouse crops. These agricultural operations contribute significant economic, environmental and aesthetic value to the County. 

The County Extension Office is a source of technical information and recommendations provided through fact sheets, educational seminars and other means. Hundreds of fact sheets cover the topics from pasture management and pest control recommendations to livestock diseases and riparian buffers. Major educational programs focus on commercial vegetable and field crop production, integrated pest management, safety training for pesticide license certification, pasture management and nutrient management. 

Nutrient Management Program

Maryland's Agricultural Nutrient Management Program provides farmers with the best management practices (BMP's) which aim to balance nutrient applications with crop nutrient requirements, thereby enhancing farm profitability while protecting water quality.

Revised April 12, 2016         


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