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Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) Attorney Tips

As of Tuesday, February 19, attorneys filing cases in Baltimore County must use the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) e-filing system. We have provided helpful tips for understanding the new filing process (PDF) on File and Serve, and for cases including:

  • Civil
  • Domestic
  • Domestic Violence and Emergency Evaluation
  • Criminal
  • Juvenile
  • Settlement Court

MDEC Assistance at the Law Library

The Law Library offers attorneys:

  • Access to the File and Serve Portal
  • The ability to file documents for every Maryland Jurisdiction using MDEC
  • Assistance registering for and using Odyssey File and Serve
  • Scanners

It is highly recommended that attorneys wishing to scan documents bring a USB flash drive.

Note to Out of State Attorneys: Baltimore City is a separate legal jurisdiction from Baltimore County and currently requires filing at the city's Clerk of Courts.

Contact Information

Clerk's Office

  • Civil: 410-887-2622
  • Criminal: 410-887-2625 or 2627
  • Family: 410-887-2614
  • Juvenile: 410-887-3836
  • General Assignment: 410-887-2660 or 2694
  • Judicial Records: 410-887-3494
  • Courtrooms Clerks: 410-887-3413

Court Contacts

  • Central Assignment: 410-887-3497
  • Family Support Services: 410-887-8614
  • Family and Civil Law: 410-887-6575
  • DCM Office: 410-887-3233
  • Family Recovery Court: 410-887-6159
  • Family Mediation: 410-887-6570
  • Settlement Court: 410-887-2920
  • Juvenile Drug Court: 410-887-2199
  • Law Library: 410-887-3086

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions, find general FAQs with the Maryland Judiciary and Maryland's Rules.

Revised February 15, 2019         


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