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Tax Rates for Baltimore County

  • Real Property $1.10 per $100 of assessed value
  • Personal Property $2.75 per $100 of assessed value
  • Personal Income Tax 2.83 percent of the Maryland Adjusted Gross
  • Hotel Occupancy eight percent of Room Rate
  • Real Property Transfers 1.5 percent of purchase price (excluding the first $22,000 of residential transfers) and $2.50 per $500 of total value
  • 911 Emergency Telephone Fee 75 cents per month applied to telephone bill
  • General Telephone Service eight percent of monthly charges. (Government owned properties, non-profits charities, etc. are exempt)
  • Electricity (non-residential) $.0053 per kwh general rate and $.00375 large manufacturer rate.
  • Admission and Amusement 10 percent
  • Trailer seven percent with cap of $20 per month per pad
Revised February 6, 2017         


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