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Tax Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When and where will the tax sale be advertised?

A.  The notice of advertisement will be published once per week for four successive weeks prior to tax sale. The advertisements are updated weekly. Baltimore County advertises in the Jeffersonian newspaper.

Q. How and when do I register for the tax sale?

A. Registration for the Tax Sale will begin during the spring. Updated information and information links will be posted at that time.

Q. What type of document is issued to a successful bidder upon payment?

A. An itemized cash receipt showing for each lien purchased: the sale amount, the total bid, the bid premium and the amount paid. The certificate of tax sale is mailed six months after sale if owner has not redeemed their property.

Q. What happens to the liens that are not sold at auction?

A. The liens become the property of Baltimore County.

Q. Are there tax sale penalties in addition to the monthly interest charged on delinquent accounts?

A. Yes. Currently a postage and handling fee of $25 per account is assessed in March. A $50 advertising fee is assessed in May. A $15 legal fee is charged on the day of sale.

Q. If my property has been sold at a tax sale auction, do I have the right to redeem my property?

A. Yes. The property owner's or owners' right to redeem his, her or their property shall exist until a Baltimore County Circuit Court enters a judgment foreclosing the property owner's or owners' right of redemption.

Q. What number can I call to get more information about tax sale?

A. Call 410-887-5616 for tax sale and redemption information.

Revised April 16, 2018         


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