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Board of Appeals Decisions

The following are copies of decisions signed and issued by the Board of Appeals for Baltimore County.

The Opinions are listed by the year's case number. For example, cases with CBA-18-000 or beginning 18-000-SPHXA are listed under 2018. Cases with CBA-17-000 or beginning 17-000-SPHXA are listed under 2017, etc.

Archived Decisions: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

The following links are PDF documents, which open in a new window.



Location or Address

Case Number

Type of Appeal

Baltimore Lutheran High School Association, Inc.

1145 Concordia Drive


Code Enforcement

Rodgers Forge Apartments

East side of Bellona Avenue, southeast side of Rodgers Forge Road


Order of Dismissal, withdrawal of appeal

Revised October 31, 2018         


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