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Animal Services Annual Community Report

The 2017 year-in-total statistics are available in the table below. The full annual report will be available soon.

January to December 2016

Baltimore County Animal Services, or BCAS, has made some amazing strides over the previous year. We’d like to share a few highlights along with our annual statistics.

New Construction

As we strive to improve animal welfare around the County, BCAS can now reach out to more companion animals than ever before. By expanding the capacity and capabilities to assist lost and homeless animals, we have seen record high live release rates. By providing low-cost spay-neuter facilities located directly within the communities of Baltimore County, we hope to reduce annual intake over time by preventing thousands of unwanted and unplanned litters of puppies and kittens.

  • We successfully settled into our new, state-of-the-art facility located on the same 13+ acre grounds at 13800 Manor Road. This 22,500 square foot building houses our animal shelter, main veterinary center, administrative offices and serves as home base for our Field Services team.
  • Our first satellite surgical facility on Dunmanway in Dundalk celebrated it’s one year anniversary this past August, serving over 4,100 pets since opening.
  • Our second satellite surgical facility in Southwest Area Park opened it’s doors this December and all three surgical sites combined have served over 7,000 pets in 2016.

Program Accomplishments

Over the past 18 months, additions have been made to each of the BCAS teams—Shelter, Field Services, Veterinary and Administrative. We’ve also launched many new programs to broaden the scope of our organization. New faces within our building, as well as new connections to animal rescues and advocacy groups, have greatly strengthened our life-saving network.

  • Our Volunteer Coordinator has built the new program up to 100 volunteers and growing. We’ve participated in two mega-adoption events that cleared our shelter of adoptable pets and these events would not have been possible without the generous support of our volunteers.
  • Our Rescue and Foster Coordinator has connected with over 100 rescue groups and secured placement for thousands of animals. We’re continuing to gather foster families to provide temporary care to our animals in order to further extend our lifesaving reach.
  • Our Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator has organized a comprehensive program to evaluate incoming dogs and cats, address potential concerns and provide daily enrichment. Physical and mental stimulation, as well as structured behavior modification plans, help keep our residents comfortable and increase adoptability.
  • Our TNR Coordinator has laid the groundwork for a full-service trap-neuter-return program including two TNR Assistants who will be able to assist caretakers, complainants and countless community cats.
  • With the expansion of our spay-neuter program, a Veterinary Services Manager was hired to oversee the three locations providing surgical services to shelter and public pets. BCAS now offers completely online scheduling and payment, as well as multiple grant and subsidy programs for families in need of financial assistance.
  • Our Rabies Investigation Field Officer position was created to manage all rabies investigations and bite cases. This role was previously filled by staff at the main Health Department office, but having this resource on-site has allowed for enhanced communication with our Veterinary and Field Services teams. In 2016 we investigated over 2,900 bite-related or possible rabies exposure incidents within Baltimore County.

About the Animals

For calendar year 2016, BCAS achieved an overall live release rate (LRR) of 92.6 percent for dogs and 82.1 percent for cats. LRR calculated using the formula put forth in the Asilomar Accords, which is calculated by dividing total live outcomes (adoptions, transfers and returns) by total outcomes (total live outcomes plus euthanasia). Companion animals surrendered for end-of-life services (owner requested euthanasia) are excluded from this calculation.

2017 Year-in-Total







Relinquished by Owner



Owner Requested Euthanasia (ORE)






                                           Total Live Intake









Returned to Owner



Transferred to Another Agency



Returned to Field



Died or Lost in Care






Euthanasia—all other than ORE



                                                Total Dispositions



                                                 2017 Year-End LRR



Combined LRR


As we move forward into 2017, we are committed to building on our successes from 2016. Our staff will continue to stay on the forefront of best practices for public animal services and shelter veterinary care. With more plans to expand our free and low-cost services such as rabies and microchip clinics, spay/neuter packages and the TNR program, we hope to spread the word to pet owners and animal lovers across Baltimore County.

Through outreach events and social media campaigns we hope to engage more volunteers, rescue partners and adopters who share our life-saving goals. We will continue to work with our elected officials at the local and state levels to ensure that our laws are tailored for the humane treatment of animals and the health of our communities. In 2017, we are excited by our progress and we are committed to reaching out to more pets than ever before!

Revised March 6, 2018         


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