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Congregate Meals Program

Eating Together

This program provides nutritious meals and companionship at over 35 senior centers, community buildings and senior residences. View Eating Together locations and days.

The menus, planned as the main meal of the day, are made up of a variety of foods to provide at least one-third of the recommended daily nutritional needs. Menu calendars for Regular Meals (PDF), Kosher Evening Meals (PDF) and Kosher Midday Meals (PDF) are available each month. Seasonal favorites are included and special menus are offered for holidays. Reservations are required. Please reserve your meal by 10:15 a.m. on the dates listed on the menu calendar.

Meals are prepared and delivered by commercial caterers. Kosher meals are offered at several sites. No salt is added to the food and detailed nutrition information is available to assist those on special diets. A registered dietitian regularly offers free nutrition education and counseling at various sites.

Baltimore County residents aged 60 and over and their spouses of any age are eligible to participate in this program and are asked to make a voluntary, anonymous donation. Younger persons may also participate, but are required to pay the full cost of the meal.

Costs and Contributions

Meal costs are as follows:

  • Regular meal—$4.48
  • Box meal—$5.01
  • Regular super special meal—$5.95

Recommended contribution: regular meal program—$2.50

  • Kosher regular meal—$7.00
  • Kosher box meal—$7.00
  • Kosher super special meal—$10.50

Recommended contribution: Kosher meal program—$3.50

Contributions are voluntary, anonymous and based on ability to contribute. All contributions are used to enable the program to serve as many meals as possible. Eating Together is part of the congregate meals program which serves approximately 150 million meals to seniors each year across the nation.

"The Eating Together program helps to alleviate loneliness; it's great for socialization and helps with budgeting. Coming to the site fulfills your day."

2019 Farmers' Market Coupon Books

Farmers’ Market Coupon Books are provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and administered in Maryland by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and the Maryland Department of Aging. The purpose of the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is to:

  1. Provide fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets to low-income seniors
  2. Increase the domestic consumption of agricultural commodities by expanding or aiding in the expansion of domestic farmers’ markets
  3. Develop or aid in the development of new farmers’ markets

This year, coupon books will be distributed at seven locations around Baltimore County on Friday, July 12, from 9 to 11 a.m. or until the supply runs out. The coupon book has a value of $30 and can be used at farmers’ markets throughout the state of Maryland. Due to demand, only one coupon book is provided per household.

To receive Farmers’ Market Coupon Books, the recipient:

A proxy may receive a coupon book for one other individual. The proxy must complete the participant’s information, have the participant sign the application and assist with the shopping.


Council District



Hillcrest Elementary School, 1500 Frederick Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21228


Pikesville Middle School, 7701 Seven Mile Lane, Pikesville, Maryland 21208


Warren Elementary School, 900 Bosley Road, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030


Windsor Mill Middle School, 8300 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21244


Perry Hall Middle School, 4300 Ebenezer Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21236


Glenmar Elementary School, 9700 Community Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21220


Dundalk and Sollers Point High Schools, 1901 Delvale Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21222

If you have questions, call the Baltimore County Maryland Access Point Office at 410-887-2594. Please do not contact the schools directly.

If you are unable to obtain a coupon book on July 12, you may call 410-887-3052 after noon on July 12 and ask to be put on a waiting list.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Household Size









Each additional person

add: $8,172

add: $681

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is offered regularly at sites where Eating Together meals are served. Nutrition education provides a basis for making informed choices and setting realistic nutritional goals. For more information, download an Eating Together Brochure (PDF) or contact the MAP office by calling 410-887-2594.

Revised June 4, 2019         


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