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4Caresource Healthcare CommunicationsFall Prevention and CaregivingBalancing Act: Your Fall Prevention ProgramUse of the tape, group discussions and exercises will help staff to understand the factors that increase the risk of residents falling. Staff will understand their role in eliminating risks of falling while nurturing residents’ mobility and autonomy.DVD - 24 minutes
7Healing Arts Communications, Marion Karpinski, RNCaregiving Physical and Activities of Daily LivingHow to Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair Without Hurting Yourself: The Home Companion Vol. 2Techniques used by physical and occupational therapists to help someone in and out of a wheelchair, lounge chair, and care seat without hurting yourself or the resident. Pressure ulcers are also discussed.VHS - 24 minutes
12AARPCare PlanningNursing Home Care Plans: Getting Good CareThe how and why of care planning.DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes
15Ross Products Division, Abbott LaboratoriesAdult Day CareSharing the CaringAdult day care.DVD/ VHS - 18 minutes
33Ross LaboratoriesAgingOur Aging Senses...Maintaining a Quality of LifeWhat happens to our senses as we age?DVD/ VHS - 14 minutes
38Geriatric Video ProductionsBehavior Management and Sleep
Sleep Problems in the Elderly: Management
A variety of non-pharmacological management techniques to help overcome sleep problems.VHS - 28 minutes
42Geriatric Video ProductionsQuality of Life and CaregivingPreserving Residents’ DignityDiscusses what dignity means to the long-term care resident, including how residents feel about procedures that are common in many facilities.VHS - 20 minutes
43Geriatric Video ProductionsQuality of Life and CaregivingGrief, Loss and Older AdultsDiscusses the impact of a variety of losses (health, possessions, relationships, and sensory systems) on older adults in order to help caregivers develop sensitivity to these issues.VHS - 20 minutes
46Geriatric Video ProductionsCaregiver Support and Stress ReductionWorking it Out: Support Groups for Nurse’s AidesAttempts to reduce turnover and stress among nurse's aides.VHS - 30 minutes
49Quality Care, Linda Faber-Czingula, RN, BSCare PlanningSkilled Nursing Care PlansDiscusses why individualized care plans can make life better for residents and their families, the need for plans to reach a defined goal and the importance of family and resident participation in care of planning.DVD/ VHS - 35 minutes
58Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and AgingCare Means CaringThe importance of understanding the physical, emotional and social losses associated with the aging process, and how to minimize these losses whenever possible.DVD/ VHS - 24 minutes
73Quality CareCaregiving and ClinicalA Charge Nurse’s Approach to Changes in ConditionDiscusses types of changes that occur in residents' conditions, action caregivers should take and the charting that should occur.DVD/ VHS - 25 minutes
52Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and Caregiver StressCaregiver Stress TriggersExamines the multiple demands placed on the caregiver by facility and residents.

DVD/ VHS - 17 minutes

57Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and ClinicalCare Essentials: Vital Signs PlusNursing assistants are taught the importance of the information they provide the care team. Content includes: vital signs and their meaning, checking for pressure sores and ulcers, and recognizing changes in physical and mental status.DVD/ VHS - 23 minutes
59Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and Clinical: EmergenciesRecognizing and Preventing EmergenciesNursing assistants are trained in recognizing signs and symptoms of heart attacks, strokes, choking and hypoglycemia, and what actions should be taken.VHS - 28 minutes
60Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and Behavior ManagementAgitation, Aggression and ViolenceThe video provides a management approach to aggressive behaviors that emphasizes proper assessment, early recognition, and specific interventions.DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes
65Video Press, University of Maryland School of MedicineCaregiving and Behavior ManagementPositive Approaches to Difficult BehaviorsDiscusses common mood and behavioral problems and the principles behind their evaluation and care.DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes
79The National Council on Aging, Inc.Caregiving and AgingThe Sixth SenseA discussion of normal aging and the changes that occur in the senses and the abilities of the individual.DVD/ VHS - 27 minutes
84AARP, Mark O'BrienCaregiving and Decision MakingOne Journey – Many Voices: Conversations about Serious/ Illness and DyingAn attempt to increase the understanding of diverse perspectives and improve care for culturally diverse populations facing advanced illness and dying.DVD/ VHS - 32 minutes
91Family Caregiver AllianceCaregivingElder CareResources regarding elder care.Print Material
94Therapeutic Recreation StoreCaregiving and ActivitiesActivities in Long Term CarePrograms planned and carried out for the benefit of nursing home residents.Print Material
95Silvia Prodan Lange, RNCaregiving and Behavior ManagementPsychiatric Emergencies and Nursing ActionA five-part online training course.Print Material
97Medical Center and Jewish Home for Aging, DHHS, Joshua Wiener, UCLACaregiving and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)Activities of Daily LivingA discussion of what ADLs are, how to evaluate a residents’ abilities and tips on maintaining and or increasing those activities.Print Material
99National Citizen Coalition for Nursing Home ReformCaregivingNursing Home StaffingA guide for residents, families and caregivers compiled by the National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, plus a presentation on growing your own workforce and retaining staff.Print Material
100Anna and Harry Borun Center For Gerontological ResearchCaregivingQuality of Life AssessmentA training module that instructs how to design and implement an assessment strategy that provides knowledge of nursing home processes that need improvement; how to design and evaluate quality improvement.Print Material
103College of Registered Nurses of AlbertaCaregiving and Activities of Daily LivingDecision Making Standards For Nurses in the Supervision of Health Care AidesHelps nurses make appropriate assignments to health care aides (Canadian based).Print Material
104State Department of Human ServicesCaregivingEvacuation of Medical FacilitiesA discussion of how to evacuate a hospital/ nursing home; what information the facility should share with the fire department; what should be included in a fire emergency plan and techniques that can be employed.VHS - 17 minutes
114Susan Conners, Ian Stewart, Suzy BeckerCaregivingBrain Injury - TBI InstituteLiterature provided by the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.Print Material
121n/aCaregiving and DignityThe Game of DignityDiscusses materials necessary to create a game board to teach the concept of dignity to caregivers.Print Material/ Game
122n/aCaregiving and Residents' RightsHuman RightsA short exercise aimed at getting caregivers to compare their rights with residents’ rights and question, if necessary, why they don’t agree.Print Material
131WRAACaregiving and CommunicationMrs. Johnson and her Advocate Angel: How to be a Really Smart PatientA guide for older health care consumers on how to improve communication with their doctor.DVD/ VHS - 15 minutes
134n/aCaregiving and Care PlanningFinding the Clues to Individualized CareA card game/ group exercise that shows the reasons for a resident’s decline.Print Material
139Brian OjanpaCaregivingSexuality in Nursing Homes
A discussion aimed at educating the caregiver on the topic of sexuality in nursing homes.
Print Material
140www.somethingto-remembermeby.orgCaregiving and AdmissionsWhy Do I Need to Know Your History?A vehicle for gathering resident information and using that information to promote good care.Print Material
182n/aCaregiving Guide to Caregiving in the Final months of LifeProvides caregivers and decision makers with medical information that will help them in discussing the care of a loved one with their providers.Print Material
183n/aCaregiving Hard Choices for Loving PeopleProvides guidance to patients and their families who must face hard choices as they receive and participate in health care.Print Material
184Eric Carlson, Esq., National Citizen Law CenterCaregiving 20 Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Resolve ThemA discussion about some common practices which are actually illegal; explains strategies for residents and family members to avoid or reverse these illegal procedures.Print Material
190Ombudsman StaffStaff TrainingBut for the Grace of God I GoSensitivity exercise with personal evaluation.Print Material
191Ombudsman StaffStaff TrainingTraining for Hospital InternsOmbudsman training for hospital interns.Print Material
192Retirement Research FoundationConsumer EducationGiving Voice to QualityConsumer education project.DVDs (3)
195Denver Regional Council of GovernmentsResidents RightsResidents Rights - You Make a DifferenceResidents rights training manual.Print material

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