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Baltimore County Senior Medicare Patrol

Baltimore County SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol) is an anti-health care fraud project administered by the Baltimore County Department of Aging. The mission of SMP is to develop a program that enlists senior volunteers to teach medicare and Medicaid clients how to recognize and report health care fraud, waste, abuse or error.

What is Health Care Fraud?

Every year, health care fraud, waste, abuse and error results in the loss of billions of senior and taxpayer dollars. Examples include:

  • Giving false or misleading information that benefits the health provider or service but increases consumer costs.
  • Billing for Medicare or Medicaid services, medicine, equipment or supplies not prescribed, not provided or not needed.
  • Offering cash, free services, or gift rewards to influence use of a particular doctor, insurance plan, HMO, home health agency, nursing home or other medical services.
  • Providing care or service that is below accepted standards.
  • Stopping insurance coverage or ending services without prior notice or reasonable cause.

New Medicare Cards are Arriving!

  • Be sure Social Security has your correct address.
  • Marylanders will receive new cards from April through June 2018.
  • The cards will arrive in an envelope with a return address from the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The back of the envelope will indicate that it contains "Important Medicare Information."
  • The card is paper.
  • The new identifier is a combination of letters and numbers.
  • The new card should be used immediately and the old card should be destroyed.
  • There is no charge for the new card.
  • The Federal Government will not be calling you for information in order to get the new card.
  • If you believe someone has tried to scam you regarding the new card, please call your local SMP office at 410-887-2059.

Services Available Through Baltimore County's SMP include:

  • Counseling to individuals who believe they may have experienced health care fraud in one of its many forms.
  • Community presentations to educate seniors about how to deter, detect and defend against health care fraud.
  • Training of volunteers to provide the above individual counseling and community presentations.

Remember: most health care professionals are honest, trustworthy and responsible. The goal of this initiative is to weed out the few health care providers who operate with the intention of using Medicare and Medicaid as a pipeline to personal profit. The effort to prevent and detect health care fraud is a cooperative one that involves everyone.

How Can You Help?

  • Report suspected cases of fraud to Baltimore County's SMP.
  • Schedule an SMP presentation for your community group.
  • Become a Baltimore County SMP volunteer.

For more information or to report suspected cases of fraud, waste, abuse or error, please call Baltimore County's SMP at 410-887-2059 or email at

  • Protect your Medicare and Medicaid information.
  • Detect billing errors. Report potential health care fraud, waste, abuse or error.
Revised July 20, 2018         


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