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Local Help with Medicare

New to Medicare?

Learn about Medicare, including a video that will assist you in learning about the Program.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Baltimore County's SHIP office provides objective education and assistance to individuals eligible for Medicare, a health insurance for people 65 and over as well as for people with 24 months of Social Security Disability (SSDI). SHIP trains volunteers to be Medicare counselors, Community Educators and Part D Prescription Plan researchers.

SHIP offers counseling on decisions to be made when first eligible for Medicare, as well as for those who are already on Medicare and have questions about Original Medicare; Medicare; Supplement Insurance (Medigaps); Medicare Health Plans (Medicare Advantage and Cost Plans); eligibility and enrollment for financial assistance to assist with Medicare premiums, co-pays and deductibles; billing issues and appeals.

SHIP offers educational presentations to community groups on topics such as: Basic Medicare, Transitioning to Medicare, Home Health Services, Mental Health Benefits, Changes to Medicare, Advanced Directives, How to Select a Part D Prescription Plan and more. SHIP is available for assistance by calling 410-887-2059 or email

Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

SMP offers educational programs on Medicare fraud and abuse and what Medicare beneficiaries can do to help save Medicare for future generations. In addition, individuals who are concerned about a case of suspected fraud or abuse may contact SMP directly to report the incident. SMP is available throughout the year to provide community presentations and to accept concerns about potential fraud or abuse. SMP is available by calling the office at 410-887-2059 or email

Resource Links

Learn more about Medicare from the following resources:

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