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Available Internship Positions

Administration Division

The Administration Division provides a diverse offering of services to both internal and external customers. Within the division are the Fiscal and Computer Operations, Human Resources Management and Communications and Special Events, as well as direct service programs including volunteer management—Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Home Team, Housing and Employment and CountyRide para-transportation.

Intern experiences may include administrative functions, research, project specific activities or direct contact with seniors living in the community. Internships in the Administration Division would be assigned to specific programs as available and indicated below.

Intern Opportunities Available:

Spring 2019 (applications due by September 30, 2018)

Individual and Family Services Division

The Division of Individual and Family Services offers programs that provide information, options counseling and screening for benefits and programs, as well as specialized assistance to family caregivers and to low-income and vulnerable populations.

Programs within the Individual and Family Services Division offer supports planning services, case management, community outreach, education, advocacy and supportive services.

As an intern in this Division, you will work directly with older adults and adults of all ages with disabilities. You will observe staff providing direct assistance and advocacy to community or facility-dwelling individuals. You will work directly with program participants and will have the opportunity to develop skills such as assessment, interviewing, documentation, working with groups and completing applications for benefits and services.

Intern Opportunities Available:

Fall 2019 (applications due by May 30, 2019)

Senior Centers and Community Services Division

Baltimore County has 20 senior centers, all of which accept interns. Nine of the centers are regional centers, and have a large facility, more staff and membership, and the most diversified programming opportunities. All have a fitness center and most have the Center Connection program for frail seniors. Eight centers are community centers, which are smaller facilities, with fewer staff and program options. Some have a fitness studio. Three are neighborhood centers with reduced operating hours and limited programming.

Senior centers offer a range of educational, recreational, social, health, exercise, legal, financial and nutrition programs and screenings Monday through Friday. There are approximately 20,000 members, with approximately 10 percent of them also serving as volunteers.

As an intern in the senior centers, you will be able to interact on a daily basis with seniors of all ages and abilities, staff, volunteers, non-profit board officers, instructors and entertainers. You will learn how a senior center is funded, how it operates and is scheduled, how program topics are determined, how classes are advertised and paid for and how community partnerships are developed. You will also be able to assist with hands-on program delivery and program planning.

Intern Opportunities Available:

Spring 2019 (Applications due September 30, 2018)

Summer 2019 (Applications due March 31, 2019)

Fall 2019 (Applications due May 30, 2019)

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