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Health and Wellness Programs

The Baltimore County Department of Aging offers screenings, evidence-based programs and health education presentations emphasizing wellness and disease prevention at senior centers throughout the County. Some programs are federally funded under Title IIID of the Older Americans Act.

A nurse helps with a patient's medication.

Health Screenings

Receive free screenings for common health conditions, including:

  • Blood pressure—screenings are held on a regular basis at most senior centers
  • Hearing
  • Bone density
  • Vision

Evidence-Based Programs

Watch the Evidence of Health video, which demonstrates four evidence-based classes.


The Timeslips program uses group storytelling to enhance the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Creative storytelling is held at the following Baltimore County Senior Centers: Essex, Pikesville and Liberty. To find out more, contact any of the senior centers listed.

Move With Balance®

Move With Balance® activities and exercises are focused on improving balance and brain function. The payoffs include increased coordination, sharper cognitive skills, better vision and enhanced self-confidence. The suggested fee is $15 for twice a week over a 10-week period. Classes are held at:

Cockeysville Senior Center
10535 York Road
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030

Essex Senior Center
600 Dorsey Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21221

Class size is limited, and registration is required. For more information or to register, contact the senior center directly.

Healthy Eating for Successful Living Workshop

A couple enjoys a healthy meal rich with vegetables.

Healthy Eating for Successful Living in Older Adults is a nutrition program for diverse community-dwelling adults age 60 and older. The six-week workshop meets one day a week for two hours. The goal of Healthy Eating is to increase self-efficacy and general well-being by improving knowledge of nutritional choices that focus on heart- and bone-healthy foods as well as supportive physical activities. Goal-setting, problem-solving and self-monitoring are used to optimize individual behavior change.

For more information or to find out where workshops will be held in 2018, call 410-887-2040.

Stepping On: Fall Prevention Education

Check out the National Council on Aging's video You Have the Power to Prevent a Fall.

Stepping On empowers older adults to carry out health behaviors that reduce the risks of falls, improve self-management and increase the quality of life. Instruction includes lectures, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, exercise participation, small group discussions and games. The program includes educational sessions on:

  • Balance
  • Feet and footwear
  • Home and community safety
  • Managing health and medication
  • Risk factors, fall risk assessments and recommendations
  • Staying active

This class meets for two hours over a seven-week period. Space is limited for these workshops; preregistration is required. The next workshop will be held Wednesdays, March 7 to April 18, from 9 to 11 a.m. at:

Seven Oaks Senior Center
9210 Seven Courts Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21236

Space is limited. To register, please contact the center at 410-887-5192. For more information, call 410-887-2040.

Tai Chi for Better Balance

Tai Chi for Better Balance is a program that empowers adults 60 years and older to carry out health behaviors that reduce the risks of falls while improving:

  • Balance, strength and physical performance
  • Postural stability and walking
  • Self-management and quality of life

Classes are highly interactive, where mutual support and success build the participants' confidence in their ability to maintain active and fulfilling lives. Classes are offered at the following senior centers:

A group of older adults practicing tai chi.
  • Arbutus
  • Ateaze
  • Edgemere
  • Fleming
  • Reisterstown
  • Rosedale
  • Victory Villa
  • Woodlawn

For more information on how to register for a class, call the Health and Wellness Office at 410-887-2040.


An EnhanceFitness-certified instructor, trained to bring out the physical best from older adults, will safely lead a class through an hour of dynamic exercises at a pace that’s right for the participants. Sessions include:

  • A five-minute warm-up to get the blood flowing to the muscles
  • A 20-minute aerobics workout or a 20-minute walking workout to lively music that gets participants moving
  • A five-minute cool-down
  • A 20-minute strength training workout with soft ankle and wrist weights (from zero to 20 pounds)
  • A 10-minute stretching workout to keep the muscles flexible
  • Balance exercises throughout the class
  • An opportunity for participants to make new friends and acquaintances

A participant's progress can be tracked with fitness checks completed at the time the individual joins EnhanceFitness, again at four months, and then as often as needed. Each class may include up to 25 participants, and classes do not require any special or expensive equipment. Depending on the class, participants may either be among peers of their own fitness level or in a group of various fitness levels ranging from frail to fit. EnhanceFitness classes are offered at the Bykota, Parkville, Overlea and Seven Oaks Senior Centers.

For more information on how to register for a class, call the Health and Wellness Office at 410-887-2040.

Take Charge of Your Health: Living Well

This free workshop is modeled after Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) and Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program. Topics for the CDSME workshop include:

  • Medications
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Frustration
  • Healthcare communication
  • Future planning
  • Relaxation methods

To learn more, watch the video “Improving Quality of Life and Health Care Outcomes Through CDSME Programs” from the National Council on Aging.

For information on upcoming workshops for 2018, call 410-887-2040.

Hands holding a glucometer

Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) special topics include:

  • Techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia
  • Stress and emotional problems such as depression, anger, fear and frustration

The next workshop will be held Fridays, April 6 to May 11 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at:

Catonsville Senior Center
501 North Rolling Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21228

Space is limited. To register, please contact the center at 410-887-0900. For more information, call 410-887-2040.

Health Education Presentations and Screenings

The following presentations are either led by professionals in their field or County-supported programs.

An audience of older adults and caregivers at a presentation.

Medicare Topics

Transitioning to Medicare Workshops
Turning 65 years of age or disabled? Are you ready to enroll in Medicare? A workshop will be conducted by Baltimore County State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) at the following Baltimore County Library from 6 to 8 p.m.:

  • December 19, Cockeysville Library
  • January 9, White Marsh Library

To register or for more information, call 410-887-2059 or email

Options After MedStar
Losing your MedStar HMO? Join a Baltimore County Department of Aging SHIP representative at a workshop to learn about your options and the timelines for making a decision.

General Health Topics

Resiliency—Band Together
Resiliency is the ability to recognize, recover from and adjust to misfortune. Learn steps to Breathe, Assess, Navigate and Decide with PEERS staff from the Mental Health Association of Maryland.

Winter Holi-Daze Season Got You Stressed?
Come chat with a PEERS member about ways to help your mind and body stay happy and healthy this holiday season.

Think Fast: Stroke Awareness Education
The focus of this presentation by MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital is on the risk factors, signs and prevention of stroke. Learn techniques to reduce your chances of stroke and how to incorporate chair exercises as a prevention method. Free Stroke Prevention Kits will be given to all participants.

A Holistic Approach to Your Wellness
Join Melissa Beatty, RPh, to discuss nutrition, healthy pantry, food shopping, gut health, herbal and essential oil uses, supplements and even pharmacy-related topics such as pharmacogenetics.

Dental Health Talks 2018
Join dentists Dr. Nathanson and Dr. Romay for informational talks on a variety of dental health topics.

Ask the Physical Therapist 2018
Discover methods to improve your well-being with Physical Therapist Shannon Dannenfelser with NovaCare Rehabilitation at one or more
of the educational presentations on fall risk, arthritis, back pain and posture.

Donate Life 2018
Anatomy Gifts Registry will discuss the option of becoming a whole body donor to support medical research and education.

What's So Grand About Grandparenting? 2018
Join a lively conversation with Dr. Frances Bond about the joys and challenges of grandparenting. Dr. Bond will also share rules for being the “perfect grandparent” and how to create special memories with your grandchildren.

Health Screenings and Services

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing
The Baltimore County Department of Health (BCDH) is working to reduce the number of people who are impacted by both of these preventable diseases by offering education and free testing services.

Hearing Screenings 2018
A hearing screening is a quick check of your hearing that is either pass or fail. It normally will take 5-10 minutes. You will listen to a variety of tones indicating which ones you hear. Failing the hearing screening suggests there is some hearing loss and a full hearing evaluation would be recommended to determine the degree of the hearing loss. 

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