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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

CountyRide Fares

CountyRide has implemented several actions to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. These changes will remain in effect until further notice. Since rides are only being provided for essential activities, destinations are now limited to medical appointments, pharmacies or grocery shopping. To further ensure the safety of passengers and drivers, a maximum of two passengers are allowed on the bus for each trip to maintain social distancing, and all passengers and drivers are required to wear a mask.


Ticket books should be purchased before the trip. Each book costs $15 and contains six tickets ($2.50 per ticket.) Trips within the County require one ticket each way. Trips crossing the city-county line require two tickets each way.

Books of tickets may be purchased directly from the CountyRide office at 611 Central Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21204, or by mailing a check or money order to CountyRide. They may also be purchased in person at any Baltimore County Senior Center.

Ticket Refunds

Full books of tickets will be refunded, less a 15 percent handling fee.

Other Payment Methods

If you do not have tickets at the time of your ride, you may pay with cash or check or money order. You will be charged $3 per way within Baltimore County and $6 per way if the City-County line is crossed.

If you use CountyRide on an occasional basis (less than six trips per year), it might be more economical to pay $3 on board in place of each $2.50 ticket.

Exact change is required. Cash, personal checks or money orders are accepted. No change can be provided. Charge cards are not accepted.

Fare for all trips scheduled is collected when you first enter the van.

Revised May 27, 2020         


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