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CountyRide Eligibility Policies

Seniors eligible for service are defined as Baltimore County residents ages 60 and up.

Persons with disabilities who are eligible for service are defined as Baltimore County residents age 18 through 59, pending review of required documentation as requested on the registration form. The application process certifies that the client cannot use public transportation and qualifies the person as eligible to be served by CountyRide. Applications are to be completed by the client and their physician and returned to CountyRide. Some clients with temporary disabilities may receive conditional time or limited access to CountyRide service. The Department of Aging reserves the right to recertify clients annually, as needed. If the client should need to be recertified, the process allows 30 days for the client to return the form after expiration of the previous registration. A information packet will provide any certification expiration dates.

Rural Residents eligible for service are defined as residents of all ages who reside within the rural boundaries of Baltimore County. Baltimore County government determines rural boundaries for residents. Contact CountyRide by calling 410-887-2080 for additional details, or you may also email Parents or guardians are responsible for supplying a child safety seat for children under six years of age or who weigh 40 pounds or less.

Revised August 24, 2017         


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