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Hello Baltimore County

"Hello, Baltimore County" features county officials and others discussing timely topics of interest to county citizens.
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Annapolis Priorities
Feb 3, 2015
Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz outlines his priorities for this year’s General Assembly session.
Dental Care for All
Feb 3, 2015
Find out about the Health Department’s reduced cost dental care for kids and adults without dental coverage.
Take a Leap!
Feb 3, 2015
Baltimore County’s Dance Celebration offers great performances and free classes around the County throughout February.
Resources to Help Seniors Stay in their Homes
Jan 9, 2015
Baltimore County's Department of Aging is a wealth of resources for seniors, offering everything from fitness centers to assistance with health resources and more.
Free Help to Quit Smoking!
Jan 9, 2015
Baltimore County's Health Department offers free tobacco cessation aids, classes and more for this most important New Year's resolution.
Technology is Boosting Service, Saving Dollars
Jan 8, 2015
Find out about the technology updates that mean faster, better service at less cost for county operations.
Project Home: Adult Foster Care
Dec 1, 2014
Foster care isn’t just for children. Consider opening your home to an adult who is elderly or has a disability.
The View from Behind the Snowplow
Dec 1, 2014
Get the inside scoop on winter storm operations from two veteran Baltimore County snowplow drivers.
Workplace Violence
Nov 3, 2014
Detectives from Baltimore County’s Workplace Violence Team share insights on what to look for and how to plan to respond to workplace violence.
Sparrows Point Momentum
Nov 3, 2014
Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz shares the latest news on plans to bring jobs back to the Point.
Resource Parenting
Nov 3, 2014
Consider changing a child’s life – and yours – by becoming a foster or adoptive parent.
Domestic Violence
Oct 3, 2014
Violence against domestic partners happens more than you might think. But, help is available through Baltimore County's Family Violence Unit in the Department of Social Services.
Cancer Screenings
Oct 1, 2014
The Health Department offers the latest advice on cancer screenings for your family.
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