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Almost daily the Baltimore County Police Department distributes news and information about wanted criminals, missing persons, criminal arrests, and other significant cases that may request the public's assistance in being attentive and watchful.

These iWatch Police and Fire News alerts generally request the public's help in identifying or locating a suspect in a crime, the whereabouts of a missing person, or even an announcement just to let you know that an arrest has been made in a criminal case. Your knowledge could help detectives solve a robbery, burglary, sexual assault or even a homicide.

The posted iWatch crime alerts provide contact information to report tips to police when needed. In many of these cases Metro Crime Stoppers offers a cash reward and callers can remain anonymous.

Note: At times the department may generate a significant number of iWatch Police and Fire News alerts. An average of 12 alerts are distributed per month, and some days there could be two or three showing up in your mailbox.

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Revised April 6, 2016        

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