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Severe Weather and Closing Information

In an emergency, call 911

If you have a necessary, but non-emergency medical need, please call 410-887-2222 and speak to the officer on duty for further information.

The Bureau of Highways Snow Center is manned 24-hours a day during storms. The Snow Center coordinates between plow crews, emergency services and the community. The number at the Highways Snow Center is 410-887-3560.

County Closing Information and Policies

  • General Government Offices
    When general government offices are closed or operating under an altered schedule, information will be posted here and on the home page of Baltimore County's web site. Be sure to select your reload or refresh button at the top of your browser to ensure you are getting the most current closing information.

  • Public Schools
    The Baltimore County Public Schools publish general and individual school closing information on its website.

  • Trash, Recycling and Yard Materials Collections
    Even in inclement weather, collection generally will occur on the day scheduled, although not necessarily at the "usual" time. The purpose of this inclement weather policy is to clarify what residents should do when inclement weather prevents or interrupts collection of a material on the day scheduled. You may find more information about collection changes and additional weather-related links on the Trash and Recycling Collection changes page.

    Scheduled trash and recycling collections are running normally. All three drop-off centers, including the Eastern Sanitary Landfill in White Marsh, are open with normal operating hours.
  • Senior Centers
    During inclement weather or other emergencies,  listen to radio station, WBAL-1090 AM, for updated status of county senior centers.

    Senior Centers are open during normal hours.

  • Recreation Centers
    When public schools are closed, most of the Recreation and Parks programs will be canceled. Please refer to the Recreation and Parks inclement weather policy for more information.

  • CountyRide
    During inclement weather or other emergencies, listen to radio station, WBAL-1090 AM, for updated status of the CountyRide transit service.

    CountyRide is operating on a normal schedule.

  • Public Libraries
    Refer to the Baltimore County Public Library web site for updated library closing information.

  • District and Circuit Courts
    Under the Circuit Court's Inclement Weather Policy, the Chief Administrative Judge will announce court closings to local radio and television stations.

    • Current Status:
  • Jury Duty

    In the event of inclement weather, Baltimore County Jurors should listen to local news stations for Baltimore County Circuit Court closings and delays. Do not follow closings and delays for Baltimore County Public Schools or Baltimore County Government.

    If courts are closed: No jurors should report and you will not need to reschedule, your name will go back into the juror pool for random selection in the following calendar year. If courts have a one- or two-hour delayed opening, reporting time for jurors is delayed in the same manner.

  • Administrative Hearings and Code Enforcement Hearings
    • If Baltimore County Government offices are closed as announced on radio or TV stations, all hearings are automatically canceled and new dates will be set and mailed.
    • If Baltimore County Government offices are opening one or two hours late as announced on radio or TV stations, morning hearings will also begin one or two hours later than scheduled. The afternoon schedule will not be affected.
    • Code Enforcement hearings follow the Baltimore County Circuit Court schedule: if the Circuit Court is closed, all hearings are canceled and will be rescheduled. In the case of delayed opening, all cases will be heard when the Circuit is scheduled to open.

When the Snow Emergency Plan is in Effect for Baltimore County

  • vehicles traveling on the roads must be equipped with snow or all-weather radial tires or chains
  • no parking is permitted on designated snow emergency routes

During Snow Emergencies

Follow Snowfighter, Winter Storm Operations to find the latest snow updates and plow routes.

  • Never shovel or plow snow into the street.  It's illegal. It also could create a dangerous situation. Instead, to minimize the amount of snow plowed back into your driveway or parking lot, shovel snow into your yard. When shoveling around cars parked on the street, place the snow up on the curb and not back into the street.

  • You do not need to call the County have your road plowed. County snowplows follow mapped routes. Snow routes give first priority to clearing main roads, followed by community/subdivision streets, courts and cul-de-sacs.

  • County snowplow drivers do not intentionally block driveways or vehicles. Every effort is made to clear roads and storm drains to prevent icing conditions if remaining snow melts and refreezes.

  • Park your vehicles in a driveway or other off-street parking if at all possible. If street parking is necessary, try to get a neighbors to park on one side of the street. This will give snowplows access to clear more of your street.

  • Prevent flooding after snow and ice melt. You can help avoid potential flooding by clearing snow and ice around storm drains.

  • Get real-time traffic and weather reports (Opens a new window). This state web site provides "real-time" information, including live video, about Maryland's highway system.

  • Take proper steps for dealing with intense cold. Severe winter weather can be dangerous; residents should take certain protective measures.

September 2, 2015
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