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Kamenetz Announces Ruby Tuesday for Randallstown

Towson, Maryland (November 21, 2013) – Ruby Tuesday is bringing its popular American casual dining to Randallstown. The national chain is building a new 175 seat, 5,000-square-foot restaurant at Liberty and Brenbrook Roads in the Liberty Road Commercial Revitalization District.

"When I was elected County Executive, I promised the Liberty Road communities that I would do all I could to bring a national restaurant to Randallstown," said Kamenetz. "I made it a priority to jumpstart discussions with Ruby Tuesday. Their commitment to Liberty Road demonstrates the potential of the area."

Ruby Tuesday is expected to employ 60 to 80 people when it opens in spring 2014. 

"Randallstown and Ruby Tuesday are a perfect fit," added Kamenetz. "Walmart, Home Depot and Sonic are national retailers already having great success in Randallstown. I know the Liberty Road communities will embrace Ruby Tuesday with the same enthusiasm."

"It's been a long wait, but it's finally time to say 'Welcome to Randallstown, Ruby Tuesday,'" said Baltimore County Councilman Ken Oliver.

Fresh, Affordable, Casual Restaurant With Parking and Paths

"Randallstown has everything Ruby Tuesday needs to be successful: strong neighborhoods, nearby shopping, community centers and institutions, and a community that is looking for a fresh, casual restaurant to enjoy with family and friends," said Rob Prunty, Ruby Tuesday senior regional partner. "Ruby Tuesday has a wide variety of craveable menu items at affordable price points, and we look forward to becoming part of the Randallstown community."  

Baltimore County will add parking and pedestrian paths so customers can easily reach Ruby Tuesday from the Randallstown Community Center, Senior Center and nearby apartment complexes. Parking will be configured at the Brenbrook Plaza shopping center to accommodate additional restaurant patrons.

 "A new national restaurant is something to celebrate. Ruby Tuesday will be a great addition to Randallstown," said Pat Clark, president of the Fieldstone Community Association.

"As chair of a community council, I've been talking to folks for a long time and everyone is in strong support of a Ruby Tuesday on Liberty Road. We look forward to taking our friends, our family, and our community," said Aaron Plymouth, chair of the Combined Communities Advocacy Council of Greater Randallstown.

"We have about 2,000 members, with services here seven days a week. We look forward to having Ruby Tuesday here to serve this community," commented Kenneth Barney, pastor of the New Antioch Baptist Church.

Randallstown in the Liberty Road Corridor

The Randallstown market area includes nearly 90,000 people living within a three-mile radius of Liberty and Brenbrook Roads. Each year, more than 300,000 people come to the nearby Randallstown Community Center, YMCA and Liberty Senior Center. An average of 1,700 people visit the Randallstown Library every day. The Liberty Road corridor includes Northwest Hospital, major churches with more than 18,000 parishioners, and four senior living residences. More than 62,000 people travel the Liberty Road corridor each day.