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Baltimore County's New Material Recovery Facility and Transfer Station

Will Streamline Process, Generate Millions in Revenue

Towson, Maryland (November 19, 2013) – County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced today that Baltimore County's new $23 million single stream recycling Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and transfer station is now open in Cockeysville. The high-volume, modern facility will efficiently process residential mixed paper, bottles and cans and will generate millions of dollars in revenue.

The new single stream facility will process 35 tons of recyclables per hour, with the capacity to sort more than 70,000 tons of recyclables per year. Single stream recycling allows residents to set out all acceptable recyclable materials together for collection to be sorted at the new MRF.

'Right Thing To Do'

"Recycling is the right thing to do - both for the environment and for the bottom line," said Kamenetz. "This new facility allows Baltimore County to manage our solid waste stream ourselves and to sort our recyclables locally, keeping the full economic benefit for our taxpayers."

Collectively, the new transfer station and single stream MRF are expected to generate approximately $750,000 to $2 million per year in revenue after expenses, depending on market conditions. The new MRF will also create 13 new jobs in Baltimore County.

Two-Phase Project

The two-phase project began in 2012, with the construction of a larger municipal solid waste transfer facility, which opened for partial operations in May 2013. Immediately following the partial opening of the new transfer facility, construction began on the new single stream MRF. The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) oversaw development of the 55,000 square-foot facility, including both the transfer station and MRF, and will operate both facilities for Baltimore County.

The highly automated equipment used at the new MRF consists of 86 conveyor belts, 6 sorting screens, 3 optical sorters and 2 balers.

"Based on anticipated tonnage and revenue projections, this facility should really enhance the efficiency of our recycling program, and maximize the financial benefits to taxpayers," said Baltimore County Council Chair Tom Quirk.

View photos from today's event on Flickr.