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Kamenetz Honors Trash Truck Driver for Heroic Actions

Saved Sleeping Couple from a House Fire

Towson, Maryland (September 25, 2013) – This afternoon in front of the Catonsville Fire Station, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz presented an Executive Citation and a Baltimore County Hero Pin to a trash truck driver whose alertness and decisive action is credited with saving a sleeping Catonsville couple and their dog from potential serious injury or death from a house fire.

During his early morning collection rounds on Friday, September 6, Bruce Wood noticed smoke coming from the roof of a home on Bathurst Road in Catonsville. He immediately called 911 and roused the sleeping occupants insisting that they evacuate immediately. He prevented them from reentering the house, which was deemed unsafe by firefighters reporting to the scene.

'What I Call a Hero!'

"On that average workaday morning, Bruce Wood's actions were anything but average," said Kamenetz. "He was observant enough to recognize that people were in serious danger, and he cared enough to jump into action and make sure they all got out of their burning home safely. That's what I call a hero!"

"Mr. Wood did all the right things," said Baltimore County Fire Chief John Hohman. "First, he made sure that 911 was called, and then he did everything  he could to help the people in need."

Bruce Wood is a lifelong Baltimore County resident and he has worked for Baltimore County refuse and recycling collector Jay McCleave for seven years.