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Half-Off Pet Adoption Fees for Fourth of July; Firework Safety for Pet Owners

Towson, Maryland (June 26, 2014) – From July 2 to July 6, Baltimore County Animal Services will be hosting a "Patriotic Pets" promotion, where pet adoption fees will be half-off. This means that cats can be adopted for $25 each while the cost for adopting a dog is just $32.50. In addition to the adoption, this fee ensures each adopted animal has:

  • been spayed or neutered
  • had a complete veterinary exam
  • a certificate of health
  • its first set of vaccinations
  • been micro-chipped with a lifetime registration
  • has a Baltimore County license (an annual license is required for dogs and cats)

Additionally, those who do adopt will receive a half-off coupon for a future spay or neuter procedure that they may use for another pet or share with a friend, family member or neighbor who is a Baltimore County resident.

"I am excited about our animal adoption initiative," said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. "All animals deserve safe, loving homes. And our adoption packages ensure that your pet will come ready to start its life out with you on a healthy foot or, shall I say, paw."

Shelter Adoption Hours

Shelter adoption hours are from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – except for Friday, July 4, when hours will be from noon to 4 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, the adoption hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Residents can pay their adoption fee with cash, check or credit card.

View pets available for adoption online.

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The Fourth of July features fireworks and festivities that are fun for people but not for pets. Typically, the County's shelter sees a spike in the number of lost pets following holidays where fireworks are utilized, such as the Fourth of July. As a result, Baltimore County Animal Services is offering the following tips to keep pets safe this holiday.

  1. Never take a dog with you to a fireworks display or parade. A frightened dog can easily pull away from its leash, run off in a panic and get lost. Pets belong at home where they are safe and comfortable.
  2. Make sure your pet has current, accurate, readable identification tags and have your pet micro-chipped.
  3. If you have recently moved, update your contact information on your pet's tag, license or microchip registration as soon as possible. 
  4. All animals in Baltimore County are required to have a license. Obtain a license online for your pet or call: 410-887-3630. The license period is from July 1 through June 30.
  5. Keep your animal inside, and don't leave him unattended if the sounds of fireworks can be heard, especially if you don't know how they react to loud noises. Don't leave dogs outside, even in fenced yards. If you know your pet is afraid of loud noises, make plans to keep them safe before fireworks begin.
          a. Establish a place in your home where the noise will be most muffled. Place the pet's crate, bed and toys here and let them become familiar with this "safe place," prior to fireworks (or even thunderstorms) beginning
          b. During loud incidents such as fireworks, close the curtains in your pet's "safe place" and consider turning on the TV or calming music.
  6. If your dog begins cowering, wincing, pacing, whining or crying at the sound of fireworks, don't try to calm him down by stroking or petting. Do try to distract him by playing or doing something he enjoys.
  7. If possible, make sure that your pet has time to "use the restroom" before the fireworks start. Some pets are too frightened to void once the fireworks begin, and this may lead to an "accident" later on.
  8. If you must be outside with your pet, keep the pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times.

"Pets and loud noises don't mix," said Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, Director of Health and Human Services. "Many animals, not just dogs, are clearly frightened by loud noises. No one wants to have the holiday ruined by losing a pet that has wandered off or run away due to fear."

If you find or have a lost pet in Baltimore County, call the Baltimore County Animal Services Division at 410-887-PAWS (7297). Under the law, lost pets must be turned into Animal Services within 24 hours.