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Garrison Firefighters Rescue Fawn From Well

Towson, Maryland (June 19, 2013) - Firefighters from the Garrison Fire Station performed an unusual Father's Day rescue when they pulled a fawn from a well pit in the 8000 block of McDonogh Road.

The property owner stopped by the Garrison station, located at 15 Kenmar Avenue in Owings Mills, asking for help because a baby deer had fallen into a well pit. He said the deer had shorted the electric line to the well pump and was crying for its mother.

Engine 19's "B" shift crew arrived at the well, equipped with ropes and other tools, intending to lasso the fawn and lift it out of the pit. When those efforts failed, Captain Jeff Kreimer - after ensuring that the well was safe - used a ladder to climb into the well, caught "Bambi," and carried him to freedom.

The deer emerged unharmed, crying loudly, and apparently thankful to be above ground.

View a video of "Bambi" being lifted from the well.

Photo of fawn stuck in well pit on McDonogh Road.Photo of firefighter rescuing fawn in a well pit on McDonogh Road.
Photos of fawn stuck in a well pit on McDonogh Road and being rescued by a firefighter from the Garrison
Fire Station.