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2012 Crime Statistics Show Overall Countywide Decline

Towson Precinct to Receive Personnel and Equipment Enhancements

Towson, Maryland (May 1, 2013) - Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson is proud to announce that countywide crime totals have decreased again when compared with both 2011 and five-year averages. 


  • Total crime is down against the five-year average by 6.7 percent. It is also down compared to 2011.
  • Part I crime dropped against the five-year average in every category except one (rape, which increased by one case). Part I crime decreased by 8.4 percent; it dropped by 2,541 cases, from 30,266 to 27,725. Total Part I crime also dropped compared to 2011, from 28,285 cases to 27,725 cases.
  • There were 23 criminal homicides in 2012. That is 20.7 percent lower than the previous five-year average (29). The 2012 homicide numbers are also lower than the 2011 numbers (30).
  • Part II crime dropped 5.2 percent against the five-year average; it fell by 1,831 cases, from 35,286 to 33,455.
  • Precinct-level crime: In 2012, crime in every precinct except Precinct 6/Towson dropped against the five-year average.

The largest percentage drop in precinct-level crime occurred in Precinct 9/White Marsh, where it fell by 14 percent from the previous five-year average, followed by Precinct 2/Woodlawn, where it dropped 11.6 percent.

Crime in Towson rose against the five-year average due largely to an increase in certain kinds of theft: shoplifting; theft from building; and theft from auto (18 percent).

Towson Precinct Enhancements

Over the coming months, the Baltimore County Police Department will enhance patrol in the Towson precinct.

The Baltimore County Police Foundation has purchased and donated three electric stand-up vehicles (ESV) that will be used primarily in the Towson entertainment area. (The donation is pending County Council approval.) The vehicles cost $39,000. Besides their use in downtown Towson, they will be used at parades and other events throughout the county, as the need arises.

Three additional officers will be assigned to the Towson precinct. They will be assigned five days a week, working late evenings and other times when the entertainment district is busiest.

The use of the ESVs will allow patrol cars to concentrate on other areas of the precinct.

The ESVs are a welcome addition to our fleet. They make our officers highly visible to the public and are certain to be a hit with kids. For officers, they provide good visibility and mobility during events with large crowds.