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County Encourages Residents to Celebrate Earth Day by 'Grasscycling'

Towson, Maryland (April 11, 2014) – Earth Day will take place this year on Tuesday, April 22, and Baltimore County's Bureau of Solid Waste Management is encouraging residents to celebrate by 'grasscycling.'

How to 'Grasscycle'

To "grasscycle" while mowing your lawn, simply remove the bag from your mower and let the grass clippings fall back onto the ground. To protect the health of your lawn, never cut more than one third of the length off of the grass blade in one mowing. Keep the grass mowed to two inches in the spring, gradually increasing the height to three to four inches by summer, then decrease back to two inches by fall.

Grasscycling eliminates the time and labor required to bag lawn clippings. Also, when grass clippings are properly cut, they decompose faster and release vital nutrients back into the soil. Finally, grasscycling reduces the need for Baltimore County to collect and process yard materials, which in turn reduces pollution and saves tax dollars.

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual global celebration created to raise awareness of environmental concerns, such as pollution control, wildlife protection, and conservation of natural resources. The first official Earth Day took place in 1970, and currently over 192 countries participate in the observance of this important day.

There are numerous ways to celebrate Earth Day in your community – for example, carpool to work or school, plant a tree, or volunteer for a stream cleaning. Participating in these simple activities helps to raise awareness of environmental concerns while demonstrating that even small actions can have a positive impact on the world around us.

For More Information

For additional information on grasscycling, residents may visit the Public Works Grasscycling page or call 410-887-2000.