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Property Purchase Moves Construction of Towson Fire Station Forward

Towson, Maryland (March 19, 2014) – Baltimore County's pending purchase of a two-story office building off Susquehanna Avenue will make it possible for the County to move the new station north on the site while retaining the fuel pumps in their current location. Acquisition of the property at 204 Courtland Avenue enables the County to design a project that addresses community input regarding landscaping and site layout. The property acquisition also creates a larger site at Towsontown Boulevard and Bosley Avenue that will significantly reduce the amount of grading required to construct the new facility.

Rendering of new Towson Fire Station

"I am very pleased that pending Council approval, we've been able to acquire this property," said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. "The new location has excellent access and egress for our first responders, and it allows us to respond to the community's desire to minimize the impact of the station on local neighborhoods."

The County previously allocated $5 million in bond loans to construct the new fire station at Towsontown Boulevard and Bosley Avenue. Those funds will now be appropriated at the new location. The Courtland Avenue property is the only property purchase necessary to accommodate the new fire station.

Meeting Public Safety and Community Needs

"With the pending purchase of this property, construction of a modern Towson fire station can move forward with a design and site layout that meets both public safety and community needs," stated 5th District Councilman David Marks.

The current Towson fire station, located at York Road and Bosley Avenue, was built in 1958 and does not have the updated sleeping quarters and drive-through bays of the County's more modern fire stations. Drive-through bays eliminate the need for emergency vehicles to back out of the station. 

The County Council will vote on the property purchase at its April 7 meeting.