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Department Purchases New Weapons for Police Officers

Baltimore County, Maryland (September 24, 2013) – As part of its ongoing effort to provide modern and effective equipment for its officers, the Baltimore County Police Department has purchased new police service weapons. The contract to purchase 1,920 FNH guns through AmChar Wholesale Inc. totals $977,120.

The Baltimore County Police Department is replacing the existing Sig Sauer service weapons because some of these guns are almost 15 years old; the Baltimore County Police Department is committed to replacing essential equipment as it ages. A committee of Baltimore County Police Department experts, including field officers and range personnel, chose the FNH after months of exhaustive research.

Review Process

The process of evaluating a new service weapon began more than a year ago. This review process involved many different types of shooters evaluating many different types of guns – Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, among others – based on a variety of criteria. These criteria included factors such as reliability, the service record of the manufacturer, the availability of ambidextrous controls and the ability to customize the hand grip.

The final contract with AmChar does not include a trade in provision of the existing weapons. Baltimore County intends to pursue opportunities to sell these weapons to law enforcement or security personnel in order to reduce the final cost of acquisition. Baltimore County police officers may be given an opportunity to purchase their service weapons as part of this process.

Mandatory Training

The Baltimore County Police Department expects to receive the new guns in a rotation basis beginning in the next sixty days. Mandatory training with the new weapons will be required of all sworn personnel.


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