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You Care So Be Aware Child Safety Resources

Injury Prevention

Baltimore County Online Resources

  • Baby walkers are they helpful or harmful? Baltimore County Department of Health offers some safety facts every parent should know about their baby walker.
  • When you shop for presents, make sure you select safe toys for children. The Baltimore County Injury Prevention Program has some ways to help you find safe toys.
  • The Baltimore County Department of Health offers information on personal security. The guide includes safety tips for the home, driving, walking, and shopping.
  • The Counseling Unit is the outreach and prevention branch of the Youth and Community Resources Section of the Baltimore County Police Department. They are a staff of skilled counselors who work with young people and their families with the goal of preventing crime and fostering positive interpersonal relationships and life skills.
  • The Baltimore County Fire Department offers a variety of Community Awareness and Safety Education programs through their C.A.S.E Division.
  • Baltimore County's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is implemented in times of crisis, including natural disasters and severe weather emergencies. The EOP is the basis for a coordinated and effective response to any type of emergency or disaster that affects lives and property in Baltimore County. As such, it defines the roles and responsibilities of Baltimore County Government, private and volunteer organizations, State and Federal agencies within the county.

Online Resources Outside Baltimore County

  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Department of Justice provides a variety of online publications on child protection.
  • National Crime Prevention Council's mission is to forge a nationwide commitment by people acting individually and together to prevent crime and build safer, more caring communities. The Council tries to teach kids how to be safe on the streets by providing information about general child safety including stranger danger, internet safety, and Halloween safety. The National Crime Prevention Council administers the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign, whose public service ads have made McGruff "The Crime Dog," his nephew, Scruff and "TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME" national symbols for crime prevention.
  • Looking for a kids site that provides fire safety tips, home safety tips, and making an emergency home escape plan? The National Fire Protection Association provides information for both kids and parents.
  • The United States Fire Administration (USFA) helps prevent fires. They want everyone to be safe from fire, including you! The Kids Page is full of tips that can help you and your family be safe from fire.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides kids safety tips for home, car, and school.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides information on playground safety, bike helmets, and scooter safety information.
  • Injury Control Resource Information Network offers a list of Internet accessible resources related to the field of injury research and control.
  • KidsHealth provides parents, kids, and teens information about mental and physical health and covers many topics on general child safety.
  • The Maryland Poison Center is a service of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and has been a leader in providing poisoning and overdose care. They provide telephone consultation 24 hours a day in cases of accidental poisoning.
    1-800-222-1222 Maryland only - toll free and TDD 410-706-1858
  • Brought to you by the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Health and Human Services, has information for kids and parents on preventative health, avoiding risky behaviors, and staying healthy.

Revised November 14, 2013