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You Care So Be Aware -
Child Safety Resources


Baltimore County Online Resources

  • The Counseling Unit is the outreach and prevention branch of the Youth and Community Resources Section of the Baltimore County Police Department. They are a staff of skilled counselors who work with young people and their families with the goal of preventing crime and fostering positive interpersonal relationships and life skills.

Online Resources Outside Baltimore County

  • Page for Parents was developed by the Department of Professional Development Parent Support Services especially for the parents of Baltimore County Public Schools. The site includes an "Ask the Expert" and "Timely Topic" area for parents.
  • KidsHealth provides parents, kids, and teens information about mental and physical health and covers many topics on general child safety.
  • RadKids (Resist Aggression Defensively) is a personal safety and life skills educational program filled with hope, options, and realistic and empowering choices to escape violence. Their mission is to provide all children with the choices and practical skills they need to escape violence and or harm including: abduction, bullying, abuse, or sexual assault.
  • The "Stop Bullying Project" is here to help you stop bullying in your school and community. Here you can learn about what works to stop bullying and what doesn't, and Stan Davis's train-the-trainer seminar, teacher-training workshop, student workshops, and teacher training video.

Revised September 29, 2005