This morning Baltimore County Fire Department has responded to two calls involving high levels of Carbon Monoxide in private residences.

The first call was in the 1600 block of Manor road in Dundalk. Units were initially dispatched for an unconscious seizure patient, and when they arrived they had several other residents complaining of CO poisoning symptoms.

 A total of six patients were transported to University Hospital in Baltimore for CO poisoning. the condition of these patients is unknown at this time. The levels of Carbon Monoxide in the residence was 600 parts per million (PPM), safe levels are below 30 PPM. The residences on both sides of this residence were checked and also found to have high levels of CO and were evacuated. 

The second call was in the 7900 block of St. Monica Drive in North Point area of Baltimore County. When units arrived at this residence the level of CO was found to be 120 PPM. 4 patients were transported to Bayview Medical center for evaluation and their condition is unknown at this time but does not appear to be life threatening. 

Neither one of these residences had CO monitoring devices and it is believed to be the furnaces at both locations were malfunctioning. 

Just a reminder that CO is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas, so we encourage all residences that have appliances that work of gas, to have CO detectors installed and change the batteries as you would with your smoke detectors. 

Signs and symptoms of CO poisoning includes-headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and confusion, high levels can cause unconsciousness and death.