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  1. Police patrols are being increased in Towson neighborhoods for Tigerfest on Frid...

    Police patrols are being increased in Towson neighborhoods for Tigerfest on Friday and Saturday. ^JW

    Patrols Increased in Towson Neighborhoods for Tigerfest
    The Baltimore County Police Department will partner with Towson University during Tigerfest, scheduled April 25-26. Baltimore County Police will...
  2. Baltimore County Police release the name of the elderly male found deceased in h...

    Baltimore County Police release the name of the elderly male found deceased in his Halethorpe home on Tuesday. ^JW

    Police Investigating Death of Elderly Male in Halethorpe
    Baltimore County Police have identified the elderly man found deceased in his home on Tuesday as 80-year-old Willard Dimitri Rykowski.
  3. Police investigating death of elderly male in Halethorpe. ^JW

    Police investigating death of elderly male in Halethorpe. ^JW

    Police Investigating Death of Elderly Male in Halethorpe
    At 3:27 p.m., Baltimore County Police responded to a home in the 300 block of Third Avenue in Halethorpe to check on a subject. The caller into 911...
  4. Police on the scene of a child bitten by a dog in Essex. ^JW

    Police on the scene of a child bitten by a dog in Essex. ^JW

    Two-Year-Old Attacked by Pit Bull in Essex
    At 4:26 p.m., Baltimore County Police and Fire personnel responded to a home in the Unit block of Barnacle Court in Essex for a report of a dog...

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The Baltimore County Police Department has received several recent complaints regarding telephone scams. The caller claims that one of the victim's loved ones needs money because he or she has been in an accident. In another version of the scam, the caller claims that the victim's loved one is being held hostage. In yet another version, bail money is needed. The suspect may provide details that seem to support the story, but they obtain that information from social media and public records. 

These suspects rely on fear to pressure the victims to act quickly, before they realize that the story does not make sense or before they can speak to the family member. The script may change, but the strategy is the same. The caller will tell the victim about an immediate crisis that only money can fix, and will demand that the victim send money to the suspect's account.

Following a few simple tips can help prevent becoming a phone scam victim:

  • Never provide personal information without verifying that the caller is from a legitimate company. Contact your insurance company, the court jurisdiction in question, or the business the caller claims to represent to verify the accuracy of the information they have provided.
  • Contact your family member before taking any action at all.
  • Do not wire money to a bank account if you receive a call similar to the ones above. Most of these callers are not located within the United States, which can make recovering money more difficult.

Contact the police to report the call and write down the information provided by the caller to give to the officer.

Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson today provided some Precinct 6/Towson crime data for the third quarter of 2013, the most recent period for which data has been vetted under the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting System. 

The information -- prepared by BCoPD's Crime Analysis Unit -- shows data for the entire, 16-square-mile precinct, which extends from the Baltimore City line north to I-695, east to Perring Parkway and west to Falls Road. 

This data includes the number of cases of robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and theft  from January through September 2013 (we have also included the data for these crime categories for the first six-month period of 2013). BCoPD has compared this data to the previous five-year average for the same time periods, a comparison that allows a more accurate long-term view of statistical information. 

Though the first nine months of 2013, there were seven more robberies throughout the entire precinct than the previous five-year average for the same time period. 

Last summer, Chief Johnson discussed efforts to enhance the law enforcement presence in the Towson precinct -- unique because of its growing student population, large numbers of shopping districts, hospitals and parking lots. Those efforts continue as the precinct employs a variety of crime-fighting strategies including targeted deployments of officers, including specialized units; and technological resources including tag readers and mall cameras. Johnson said he anticipates additional enhancements in the coming year.

"Towson is the most densely populated precinct in the county," Johnson said,"and different from our other precincts because of its role as the County Seat and as a hub of education, commerce and entertainment. Thousands of people work in Towson, go to school here, shop here. Working with our community and business partners, we will continue to identify and address crime trends in this precinct."

Chief Johnson also noted that case clearances in the Towson precinct are among the highest in the county.

Towson Precinct Captain Richard Howard said, "My officers have worked extremely hard over the past few months clearing many of the cases that have made headlines in recent months. We will continue to work in partnership with our communities and to educate people about how to prevent crimes such as theft and burglary."

Baltimore County Police have arrested and charged Anthony Johnston, 32, of the 1200 block of Sugarwood Circle, 21220, with the murder of 27-year-old Joseph Thorpe Jr.

On February 28 at 11:58 p.m., officers responded to the 600 block of Middle River Road for a man lying in the roadway. The victim was transported to the hospital and was initially believed to have been struck by an automobile. Medical personnel then found that the victim had been shot. He was identified as Joseph Thorpe Jr., of the 700 block of Maple Crest Drive, 21220. On March 3, the victim died of injuries related to the gunshot wounds, and the death was determined to be a homicide.

Detectives were able to determine that the victim and the suspect were involved in a fight at Benchwarmers Bar on Middle River Road prior to the homicide. Detectives obtained a warrant for Anthony Johnston, and he was arrested on December 17. He is currently being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center. 

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